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How about some more teenage drama and dilemmas? If you've watched at least one episode of the “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Join in on all the trials and issues that the characters have to deal with and draw your own conclusions about how to go through life! Here are some “guiding” questions that might help (or at least entertain!): what instrument does the Amy Juergens character play?

Where does the Anne Juergens character go to find a job after she files for divorce? Who does Amy leave John with, when she departs for college at the end of Season 5? And finally, let’s see if you know how well the show did according to critics and audiences: how many average viewers per episode did the first season have? Did the show win a Gracie Allen Award? Good luck and never give up!


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    Where Did Amy Get Pregnant

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    Who is the pregant { well, was pregnant} teenager?

Do you know The Secret Life? Test your skills in this quiz.

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    Where did Amy Get Pregnat?

When a teenage girl finds out that she's pregnant after a fling at band camp she faces some challenges in her life. If you follow the TV series The Secret Life of The American Teenager, answer this quiz.

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    What's the gender of Amy's baby ? & what does she name it ?

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    What does amy name her baby ? and is it a boy or girl ?

The Secret Life Of The American Teenager Questions & Answers

How old is Amy?
Amy Jurgens is 15 when she gets pregnant at band camp by Ricky Underwood
Who is Amys sister?
Amy does have a sister and her name is actually Ashley