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How Optical Disks work?

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    Optical disks

A normal backup stores every file on the specified volume or partitions. The restore process requires a tape in a backup system. When you change a file, this bit is marked automatically, which means that the file needs to be...

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    Which of the following is no longer a viable backup device?

How Well Do You Know About Prostor Infinivault? This is a system that helps organizations reduce the amount of storage they use to store data as it can store data for as long as it is needed. Do you know how to operate the system...

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    ProStor InfiniVault ensures data availability - accessibility to users at all times - in which two ways?

Who is a Field Technician of Networking & Storage? It is actually simple: You are vested with the task of attending to field calls from clients in addition to other roles you'll find out in the quiz below.

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    Which of these is a volatile storage memory? 

Have You just covered the database backup procedures and are looking for a way to check just how much of it you understand? Data backup is important as it ensures that data is not lost. The quiz below is absolutely perfect for...

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    Which of the following statements is true?

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Storage Questions & Answers

Why is it important to perform a back up often e.g. every day rather than every month?
The more time that there is between backups, the more you have to loose
What does DAT stand for?
Digital Audio Tape
What does RAID stand for?
Redundant Array of Inexpensive disks