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The Republic is under attack again. The forces of the Sith Empire are striking deep into the heart of it, threatening the core worlds and putting Coruscant itself in peril. The Jedi High Council has decided to step in and defend the Republic and you have been appointed as commander. Grab your light saber, practice your skills and battle the forces of the evil Emperor.

What were the names of Luke Skywalker’s aunt and uncle on the planet of Tatooine? What was the name of the planet on which Yoda exiled himself after the fall of the Republic? What was the code name for the order to eliminate all Jedi? Take the quiz and see just how much you know. May the Force be with you!

The Force calls for you. As you go into the intergalactic universe of this quiz, I hope to not meet you on the Dark Side. Start your quest and may The Force be with you.  Before your intergalactic adventure, let me tell you...

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    Who killed Boba Fett?

Back in the day if you wanted to identify a nerd all you had to do is ask about Star Wars and they would all turn to you asking what you want to know. The movies are amazing and introduce us to a life of many races of people...

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    What color do you like?

In Star Wars, a Jedi is an individual most commonly found fighting for the light side of the Force after years of studying mystical energies. The Sith instead uses the dark side to control the universe. Which Sith/Jedi are you?

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    What is your favorite color

Which rank are you, jedi, soilder find out. now.

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    You trust...../ in.....

For so long I was looking for a quiz that let you know which star wars alien you were.  Well, now that I can make my own quiz, I decided to make it myself. Note I didn't include ALL aliens from star wars.  I could never...

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    Are you pretty?

Star Wars Questions & Answers

Who killed Boba Fett?
Han killed Fett by hitting his jetpack with staff causing it to launch Fett into the sail barge and then the Sarlacc! And Anakin (Ep II) also had a blue-bladed lightsaber.
What is the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars?
Star Wars and Star Trek are commonly mistaken by people who are not familiar with them. To give enlightenment to those who are confused, Star Wars is mostly released in the theaters that are mostly about the war of good and evil. It is seen as a fant
What is Kylo Ren’s real name?
It's Ben Solo, the real name of Kylo Ren's.      
What gets burned of while in the lava? In episode III, Anikin falls in lava.
All Anakin has left after the fight with Obi is his right arm. Watch episode 3.