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Sexual Orientation Questions and Answers

  • Who do you find the most attractive?
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  • What do you fantasize about? (i.e. daydreams of erotic nature)
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  • Who would you prefer to be in a relationship with?
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  • Which sexuality do you most identify with? 

  • What is the gender of your current crush?

  • Scenario: You want to have sex, which gender do you seek out?

  • If you use condoms, how do you dispose of them.
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  • What sort of lingerie do you or your partner usually wear?
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  • How do you make sure that your partner is as committed to eco-sex as you are?
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  • Jane and Samira, both aged 14, are seen kissing in the local park.

  • Ben, aged 5, asks his classmates if they want to sex him.

  • Alex and Francois, both aged 11, are seen laughing and touching the breasts of Alecia, aged 13, who is trying to push them away.