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The first and best of the Indiana Jones movies is undoubtedly Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). In this film, Harrison Ford, playing Indiana Jones, is hired by the government of the United States to find the Arc of the Covenant. However, those nasty Nazis are also after this treasure. 

With Marion, his off and on love interest; Indiana goes off to search for the Arc of the Covenant, crossing multiple continents, including South America, Asia, and Africa. The film is a fun action-adventure flick, with Indiana able to escape any danger. What do you remember about that famous whip and gun fight? Does Indiana get the girl? What happens to those Nazis after all? And, to answer the movie title, what is the Arc of the Covenant? Go on your own adventure and take these quizzes.

Do you know all about Indiana Jones? Can you answer fifteen questions about the first movie? Well, let's see if you can.***WARNING : SPOILERS***There may be spoilers in the following quiz. If you have not seen seen, or want to...

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    In the very beginning of the movie, you join up with Indy as he is on an adventure. After he captures the artifact, he is met up by his rival, controlling a local tribe. What is the name of Indiana Jones' arch rival, and what tribe was he controlling?

How well do you know your movie Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) trivia?

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    Who played the lead character in the "Indiana Jones" movies?

Wow,come on check the picture and tell me if you can still recall the names of the cast in it. Can you boldly say you still remember the storyline? Come on lets check it out.

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    What is the name of the director of the movie?

Raiders Of The Lost Ark Questions & Answers

What is the name of Indiana Jones's rival (and what tribe did he control)?
Indiana Jones is the main character in a popular movie franchise directed by George Lucas.. The first movie in the franchise was called Raiders of the Lost Ark. The first movie was made in 1981. Since then there has been four films. The last one was
Who threw Marion in the tomb?
Toht threw her. not belloq, but toht. belloq was even against throwing her in.