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Matilda Questions and Answers

  • was matilda very smart while she was young?
    Matilda question from

  • where her parents ever at home?
    Matilda question from

  • was her teacher the most sweetest teacher in the world.
    Matilda question from

  • What was the name of Matilda's Headmisstress?
    Matilda question from

  • What did Miss Trunchbull call plaits?
    Matilda question from

  • Which lesson did Julius Rotwinkle eat Liquorice Allsorts in?
    Matilda question from

  • who was the first person to play matilda in the USA
    Matilda question from

  • which of the following have appeared on broadway
    Matilda question from

  • how old is matilda meant to be 
    Matilda question from

  • What could Matilda do when she was four?
    Matilda question from

  • What was Mr. Wormwoods job?
    Matilda question from

  • What was the first thing that Matilda used to practice her ability to move objects with?
    Matilda question from

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