Josh Holloway Quizzes & Trivia

Josh Holloway was born on July 20th in 1969. He is a model and an American actor. He was popular on the TV shows called “Intelligence”, and what other one? What led Josh Holloway to Los Angeles? During his time in Los Angeles, he landed a role for what?
Who is he married to? Does he have any children? Which year did People Magazine name him one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world? To find out how well you know Josh Holloway, take our quizzes and find out!

Find out more on this ageless and one of the most respected Hollywood actor Josh Holloway

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    What is the name of the character played by Josh Holloway on the TV show, "Lost"?

Do you remember Sawyer from Lost? Now, connect the dots with Mr. Josh Holloway and form a line. Good—now that you're done, let's see what you know about him yes?

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    When was he born?

Josh Lee Holloway has admiration and commitment of what he does. his career as an actor and his artistic passion has won him the role of a model and a producer. He was best known for his roles as James Sawyer Ford on the American...

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    When is Josh's birthday?