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The first African American ever permitted to play in Major League Baseball. He broke the oppressive color barrier and opened up professional sports to his fellow African Americans who succeeded him. He was a pivotal figure in not only sports, but also civil rights, as he endured attacks from his teammates and still kept pursuing his dream.

Have you heard of the legendary Jackie Robinson? If you haven’t then take these quizzes to learn about this larger than life character! He is the subject of the recent film 42, which you should catch if you don’t know much about an iconic figure in not only sports history, but African American history. Quiz questions may include, what team did he play for when he entered the major leagues? In what year was he deemed “Rookie of the Year?” Take these quizzes to discover how much you know about him or just to learn about an interesting and important part of American history!

Can you answer all these questions about Jackie Robinson?

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    What team was Jackie Robinson traded to at the end of his career?

My quiz is about jackie robinson history

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    When was jackie robinson born?

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    What is the author's name for, In The Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson?"

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