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Show-biz is a very demanding business, requiring versatility and drive. This Hong Kong actor has done a lot in cinema: comedian, martial artist and stunt performer to name just a few. Jackie Chan's adventures have taken him around the world - from the streets of Beijing to the memorable sights of many of America's large cities - while he entertains scores of fans worldwide with over 150 works to his credit.

Did you know he's an operatically trained vocalist? He's sung many of the theme songs of his films! Given his legion of fans, multilingual would be expected but did you know he speaks some German in addition to Japanese? At his age, would you believe he performs most of his own stunts? If this exciting actor has you stoked for another street chase, see how your trivia holds up! 
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How well do you know Jackie Chan? Jackie Chan is from Hong Kong and is a martial artist, actor, action choreographer, stuntman, screenwriter, producer, film director, and singer. He is known in the cinematic universe for his...

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    What is Jackie Chan's real name?

How well do you know Jackie Chan? Take this quiz and you will see. Jackie Chan is one of the most distinguishable and influential cinematic personalities globally, gaining a widespread following in both Eastern and Western...

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    What is his Full name?

Jackie Chan has been karate chopping his way unto the big screen for years. His unique aerobatics and martial arts moves make his movie roles memorable and quite enjoyable. Take our quiz to see if your knowledge is as powerful as...

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    Where was Jackie Chan born?

What do you know about Jackie Chan? Let's see if you've watched a few of his awesome films by taking this simple quiz. Let's go shall we?

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    Which year was he born?


Jackie Chan Questions & Answers

Is Jackie Chan vegetarian?
Although it has been rumored that Jackie Chan is a vegetarian and one would certainly think that he might be because he is so involved in the martial arts and many martial artists are vegetarian, he is not one. He does, however, believe in eating ver
How many children does Jackie Chan have?
Chan Kong-sang, professionally known as Jackie Chan has two children. In 1982 Jackie Chan married a Taiwanese actress named Joan Lin. Also in 1982, their son, Jaycee Chan was born. Many years later, Chan had an affair with Elaine Ng Yi-Lei and on Jan
How and when did Jackie Chan become popular?
Jackie Chan became popular progressively from the time he was a young child on. He entertained by way of opera singing, arobatics, and martial art stunts he made up. After he graduated school in 1978, he took on more serious endeavors, however. Chan
Is Jackie Chan the highest paid chinese actor?
Jackie Chan is the highest paid Chinese actor. He is worth around 350 million at present. He is actually the 5th highest paid actor in the entire world which is amazing because there are a myriad of highly paid actors out there. Chan makes his money
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