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Hotel Questions & Answers

Where are most business meetings held?
Most business meetings are held in an airport hotel. An airport hotel is just one of the many types of hotels. As the name implies, an airport hotel is the one that is located very near to the airport. Thus, it is in close proximity to the non-reside
Where would the executive committee of a national trade association hold an emergency half-day meeting (within the next ten days) if it is composed of busy executives from across the country?
If executives of a national trade association were to hold a meeting of this length and magnitude, it would make sense to hold it in an airport hotel. Pick a date, have everyone fly in the night before. Have the meeting the next morning, and give the
What is the worst hotel you've been too?
The worst hotel I have been to is a road side hotel in India. On entering the room, it was smelling really bad, I discovered that the smell was from the bathroom. The bathroom was not properly cleaned after the last customer checked out. The room had