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Elements Of Literature Questions and Answers

  • The time and location in which a story takes place
    Elements of literature question from

  • The underlying meaning or main idea of a story is called the ______________.
    Elements of literature question from

  • The angle from which the story is told.
    Elements of literature question from

  • A point at which a decisive change takes place in the plot is called ___.
    Elements of literature question from

  • A problem or struggle between opposing forces is called ___.
    Elements of literature question from

  • Conversation between two or more characters is called ___.
    Elements of literature question from

  • The theme is
    Elements of literature question from

  • The plot is
    Elements of literature question from

  • Conflict is
    Elements of literature question from

  • Person in a story, poem or play....
    Elements of literature question from

  • Character against the main character : Opposing force...
    Elements of literature question from

  • Main character in fiction or drama...
    Elements of literature question from

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