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  • Where was Demi born?
    Where was Demi born?
    Demi lovato was actually born in Albuquerque New Mexico and moved to Texas when she was about 2

  • Who is Demi Lovato best friend?
    Who is Demi Lovato best friend?
    It's not Miley!! Check your facts dude. None of those people are her best friends... Her best friend is Marrissa

  • How old is Demi (February 2014)?
    How old is Demi (February 2014)?
    Demi would have been 18

  • How many sisters does she have?
    How many sisters does she have?
    3 Maddie, Dallas, Amber everyone forgets amber

  • How tall is demi?
    How tall is demi?
    She's 5'3 1/2" I've met her she's only half an inch taller than me

  • Why did Demi Lovato go into rehab when she was 18?
    Why did Demi Lovato go into rehab when she was 18?
    Demi Lovato went into rehab at the age of 18 because of a substance abuse problem. Having started her career in acting out so young, she was set up to fail from the get go. It is difficult to withstand the pressures and to live up to expectations. It is not unusual for a child star to have such issues. She has also had an eating disorder and some mental health issues too. She was rushed to the hospital for what was thought to be an overdose. It turned out not to be that serious but she did relapse from a time of sobriety after treatment and that is always serious. The poor girl comes from a troubled family so along with the pressure stardom brought along with it, she didn't have much of a chance. Now that she has recieved some professional help, however, there is more chance for her to succeed in her personal life and then, secondary, as an actress.

  • What disorders does Demi Lovato suffer from?
    What disorders does Demi Lovato suffer from?
    Demi Lovato suffers from a number of problems. She has a substance abuse problem, for one. She has gone to rehab but did relapse. Hopefully now though she is staying clean from drugs and alcohol. She also has an eating disorder. This stems back to undue pressure being placed on her appearance, especially her body. This pressure gave way to an eating disorder which is hopefully under control now. She also has some mental disorders. If she is active in therapy, those too may be under control. Her family has some issues and she grew up way too fast is what she confessed to the public in the past. It is sad that she has so many problems because she is a great actress but, she must first take care of herself if she is to do anything further with her career. We are wishing her the best and rooting for her comeback and for her well being too.

  • Why is Demi Lovato prone to depression?
    Why is Demi Lovato prone to depression?
    Demi is very prone to depression. In fact, it is out of control and is a disorder by this point and time. She suffers from a serious drug problem too and an eating disorder and also wanting to harm herself. So, yes, she is definately prone to depression. Sometimes the situation around a person leads them into deep depression but sometimes, it is a chemical imbalance and nothing going on with their lives. For Demi, I believe it is both. Things have been rough for her being a child actress. Plus, there are problems within the family she grew up in. Add in some chemical imbalace and the stage is set for serious depression which she does have. Thankfully, there is help and all are hoping that she gets the professional help she needs now and can have a happy, healthy, normal life from here on out.

  • Why is Demi Lovato's career suffering?
    Why is Demi Lovato's career suffering?
    Demi Lovato's career is suffering because of her personal life. It is sad and she is having it rough. Along with an eating disorder, she has confessed that she also has some pretty serious mental health disorders too. She explained that she in her career in early in her life, actually on the show Barney and then working for Disney. She grew up with a father who had some big problems too. The stress of always having to look and act just right because she was a star took a toll on her. She said she feels like she lived too fast. Also the emphasis placed on her body and her looks pushed her over the edge with her eating disorder. She has had substance abuse issues too. Sadly, that is how it goes for many child actors. And, sadly as well, the fans and those who like to watch things she is in can't just sit around and watching nothing while she works on her personal issues. Life goes on for them. Hopefully she will recover soon after getting the help she needs.

  • What drugs is Demi Lovato addicted to?
    What drugs is Demi Lovato addicted to?
    Demi was on drugs and may currently be still. She particularly liked doing cocaine. She said she felt she had a handle on it the first time she did coke but after that, it had control over her. She was 17 when she first did coke. She also has a self-harming disorder, an eating disorder, and mental health issues. She said that she used to be bullied which didn't help. Her family has issues which complicated things further and the fact that so much attention was place on her looks and her body, that made things really rough. She has been to treatment and her fans are hopeful that she has her act together now and her life will be better. Even if her acting career never resurfaces, they are hoping her personal life works out well.

  • Who said i cant wear my-------------- my dress, oh baby...
    Who said i cant wear my-------------- my dress, oh baby...
    Lala land

  • Do you think that Demi Lovato is fake?
    Do you think that Demi Lovato is fake?
    I don't personally think Demi is fake. I do think she is confused. Within the mental illness she suffers from, I don't think she even knows who she is. She is also a drug addict and having done as much coke as she has, it is typical to have at least a touch of split personality. She may seem fake but in my opinion, she is just trying to deal with life the best she can. I on't think she is happy with who she is or how she looks or even how she acts. She has put so much expectation on herself it is unreal. So, when she comes across as being fake, I know better. She isn't a real person so how could she be fake? She will find herself one day though and then we can see if she seems fake.

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