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  • There are 77 books of the Bible.

  • How many books are in the Old Testament

  • There are 27 books in the New Testament.

  • You and your friends decide to start a book club. Which book do you suggest to the club?

  • Your best friend is at home sick. Which warm soup do you bring to make her feel better?

  • The Christmas holidays are coming up! What are you most excited for?

  • The book, The Cult of the Amateur, argues strenuously the following: 

  • In her most recent book, exploring the relationship humans have with digital communications technology in the 21st century, prominent MIT social scientist, Sherry Turkle, argues all of the following EXCEPT

  • Sherry Turkle believes that privacy should be dead in the 21st Century

  • Which of the following, before they arrive to the palace, knows for certain that Odysseus has returned to Ithaca?

  • Which of the suitors says publicly that he is in favor of killing Telemachus upon his return?

  • What does Antinuous throw at the old beggar during dinner?