Quiz: Trivia Questions On Progressive Era!

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Quiz: Trivia Questions On Progressive Era! - Quiz

Below are some trivia questions on the progressive era! Do you consider yourself well educated about this period, what happened, the change that came, and how it impacted the country as a whole? If you are not sure, the questions below offer a chance for you to add on what you know. Be sure to give them a try until you understand this era.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    Early efforts at the state level-Governor _____ ______-order, efficiancy centralized management
  • 2. 
    Settlement houses____ ____ and the ____ house-improved lives of immigrant poor-built playgrounds, health clinics, legal protection, jobs, etc.
  • 3. 
    By 1900, over 80,000 women college-educated-Female activism increased-many focused on voting rights-National American _____ ____ association-Carrie Chapmant Catt, Harriot Stanto Biatch, Anna Howerd Shaw-Parades, rallies, mass meetings, "suffrage tours"
  • 4. 
    -Some labor reform of this movementNational _____ ____ committee, 1904-Many states take the initiative:-Set minimum ages, minimum hours-National child labor law not passed until 1930's
  • 5. 
    ______ _____ fire-new york146 employees locked in and died-many burned, others died jumping-fire brought stricter building codes & accident insurance
  • 6. 
    _______:movement to do away with alcohol-Women's ______ ______ union-_____-______ _____Amendment ___ went into effect in 1920
  • 7. 
    Movement to also prohibit narcotics and cigarettes-______-_____ _____ of America-_____ ___ (1914) prohibited the use and distribution of narcotics.
  • 8. 
    _____ _______-cautious progressive as a "trust buster"-broker-avoid extremes-square deal-big stick
  • 9. 
    TEDDY IS A "trust buster"-northern ______ company case in 1902-______ act, 1903-Supreme court broke it up in 1904-corparate break-ups-Standard oil (1911)-American tobacco company (1911)
  • 10. 
    ______ act (1903) expanded powers of ICC (interstate commerce commission)-no secret rebates for railroads (deals, connections)-shippers get same prices
  • 11. 
    TR and the _____ strike, 1902-_____ ____ _____ strike-TR threatened to send in troops-TR served as a broker between the 2 groups
  • 12. 
    TR runs for election in 1904-"tomorrow i shal come into office in my own right. then watch out for me!"-TR is more progressive-________ act 1906: more strength to interstate commerce commission (ICC)set maximum freight ratesno longer rely on courts-extended to pipelines, sleeping car companies, bridges, ferry boats
  • 13. 
    ____ ______ and The Jungle (1906)"a man could run his hand over the piles of meat and sweep of handfuls of the dried dung of rats"lead to the _____ ____ act, 1906and the ____ ____ & ____ act, 1906
  • 14. 
    -growing concerned for natural environment=____ ____ ____, man and nature (1864)____ ____ (sierra club)Audubon society (1886)-_____ ____ act (1891) was to reserve forests-_____ ____, cheif of forestry service-TR added wildlife refugees and 5 national parks-began a system of national monuments______ _____ act, 1902
  • 15. 
    _____ ____ ____-TR's secratary of state and handpicked successor-Defeated _____ _____ _____. (this guy also ran against william mckinley and lost)Election led to a republican disaster-Not as popular as TR or as effectiveAlienated many progrressives-Supported _____-_____ Act in 1909 which lowered some tariffs (republicans didn't want that)Amendment # __  extablished income taxesAmendment # __ for direct election of senators

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