Chapter 14- Rehabilitation Of The Client

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Chapter 14- Rehabilitation Of The Client - Quiz

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    Explain what each of the following mean when you are working with a client who is under the care of a physical therapist:1. Use flat part of your hand and fingers to hold the client's body parts.2. Explain what is being done and why.3. Follow a logical sequence during exercises.4. Never take a client beyond the point of pain. 

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    Explain the term "environmental barrier".

    An environmental barrier refers to any obstacle or hindrance present in the surroundings that limits or hampers the ability to move freely. This can include physical barriers such as walls, fences, or terrain features, as well as other factors like weather conditions or pollution that impede mobility. These barriers can pose challenges for individuals with disabilities or mobility impairments, making it difficult for them to navigate and access different spaces or participate fully in society.

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