Constitutional Qualifications Trivia Questions! Quiz

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Constitutional Qualifications Trivia Questions! Quiz


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    What are the qualifications for serving in the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES??? __ year terms. No term _____. Must be at least __ years old. Must have been a US citizen for at least __ years. Must be a resident of the _____ where they are ______. -Does not say they have to live in the ______ they represent because the ________ says nothing on ______.
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    What are the qualifications for serving in the SENATE? __ year terms on _____ basis. Qualifications: Must be at least  __ years old. Must be citizens for at least __ years. Must be a resident of the _____.
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    Who is Elbridge Gerry? He coined the term "_________" (the drawing of _______ _____ for _______ advantge), because he said the shape of the district lines looked like a ________.
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    Who are our current two senators?
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    How does a pocket veto work? POCKET VETO: The president has ___ days to veto or approve a bill (doesn’t include _______). If congress __ in session and he doesn’t sign, it becomes ____. If congress __ ___ in session, it’s ______ if the president doesn’t sign. A pocket veto is an indirect veto of a legislative bill by the president or a governor by returning the bill unsigned until it is too late for it to be dealt with during the legislative session. (first def is better though…)
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    What is the basic difference between the formal powers and the informal lpowers of the president? A: The _____ powers are listed in the ________, while the _______ powers are ___.
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    What are the four benefits of bureaucracy? _________: Centralized _______ and common sets of rules, regulations, and benefits. ________ and ________: When staffers work on an issue long enough, they develop expertise on that issue, which can make them _______ _______ to Congress. _________: Congress can authorize a budget to be spent on a particular issue, and the agency can ______ and _______ these funds as best needed without non-experienced legislators struggling to do this. ________: agencies and their programs work toegether when their repsonsibilities work in _______.
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    Why do bureacracies exist? To carry out work of _______ in an ______ way.
  • 9. 
    There is nothing about ______ committees in the constitution.