IEEE 802 Networking Standards: Quiz!

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IEEE 802 Networking Standards: Quiz! - Quiz

Do you know anything about IEEE 802 Networking Standards? IEEE is a family of IEEE standards that involve local area networks and metropolitan area networks. Its standards are limited to networks carrying variable-sized packets, unlike cell relay networks. The place where information is spread in short, uniformly sized units called cells. If you are curious about IEEE 802 Networking Standards, this is the quiz for you.

Questions and Answers
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    Token Bus

    The answer "802.4" refers to the IEEE standard that defines the Token Bus protocol. This protocol is used for communication in a local area network (LAN) where devices are connected in a bus topology. In this protocol, a token is passed around the network, allowing devices to transmit data when they possess the token. This ensures fair access to the network and prevents collisions. The 802.4 standard specifies the physical and data link layer requirements for implementing the Token Bus protocol.

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    Logical Link Control

    The correct answer is 802.2. This is because 802.2 is a standard that defines the Logical Link Control (LLC) sublayer of the data link layer in the OSI model. The LLC sublayer is responsible for providing a reliable and error-free connection between network devices. It handles flow control, error detection and correction, and manages access to the physical media. Therefore, 802.2 is the correct answer as it specifically relates to the Logical Link Control.

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    LAN/MAN Managerment (and Media Access Control Bridges)

    802.1 refers to a set of standards developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) for local area network (LAN) and metropolitan area network (MAN) management. It includes protocols for media access control bridges, which are devices used to connect different LAN segments and manage traffic flow. Therefore, 802.1 is the correct answer as it encompasses the mentioned LAN/MAN management and media access control bridges.

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    Wireless LAN & Mesh (Wi-Fi certification)

    The answer 802.11 refers to the set of standards for wireless LAN (Local Area Network) and mesh networks. These standards define the protocols and specifications for wireless communication, allowing devices to connect and communicate over a Wi-Fi network. The 802.11 standards provide guidelines for data transfer rates, frequency bands, security protocols, and other aspects of wireless networking. By adhering to these standards, manufacturers can ensure compatibility and interoperability between different Wi-Fi devices.

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    Wireless Personal Area Network

    802.15 refers to the IEEE standard for Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs). It specifies the physical and media access control layers for short-range wireless communication between devices. WPANs are designed for personal and local area networking, allowing devices to communicate wirelessly over short distances. The 802.15 standard includes different technologies such as Bluetooth and Zigbee, which enable various applications like wireless headphones, home automation, and sensor networks.

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    Ethernet (CSMA/CD)

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    Broadband Wireless Access (WiMAX certification) or Wireless MAN

    802.16 is the correct answer because it refers to the standard for Broadband Wireless Access, also known as WiMAX certification or Wireless MAN. This standard provides high-speed wireless communication over long distances, making it suitable for delivering internet access to rural areas or areas without wired infrastructure. It operates on various frequency bands and supports both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connections, offering reliable and efficient broadband connectivity.

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    Risilent Packet RIng

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    LAN/MAN Standards Committee

    802.18 is a standard developed by the LAN/MAN Standards Committee. This committee is responsible for developing standards for local area networks (LANs) and metropolitan area networks (MANs). The 802.18 standard specifically focuses on radio regulatory issues and provides guidelines for the operation of wireless networks. It covers topics such as frequency allocation, spectrum management, and interference mitigation. The committee ensures that these standards are followed to promote efficient and effective communication in LANs and MANs.

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    Token Ring

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