What Makes a Skill Assessment Tool the Best?

Today, there are several skill assessment tools that recruiters and hiring managers can use to create skill assessment tests for screening candidates. These skill assessments help recruiters choose the best candidates on the basis of their knowledge and competencies required for a particular job role.

But, the best skill assessment tool is the one that helps recruiters hire efficiently and accurately. Right from creating the assessments, to distributing, grading, giving feedback, reporting, and analyzing the results, the best career assessment software does it all.

Skill assessment is the most crucial part of a hiring process. Every recruiter and hiring manager knows this. Skill assessment tests let recruiters take a deeper look at the candidates’ skills and competencies required for a particular job role, thus simplifying the hiring decisions.

However, not all skill assessments are accurate. Only those created with a tool backed by the finest tech seem to have the most impact. Yet when it comes to skill assessment software, some can be downright difficult to use. There’s no point investing in the tool if it’s a pain to use and does not deliver the right results.

Looking at so many features while browsing online can make it a bit confusing to pick the right skill assessment tool.

Yes. We heard you and developed what you wanted- A list of 10 best skill assessment tools.

Go on. Give it a read and by the end, you’ll know which tool to use, based on its features, benefits, applications and pricing.

Top 10 best skill assessment tools and the major features they offer:

10 Best Skill Assessment Tools
Top Features
  • World's simplest way to create online quizzes
  • 100,000+ ready-to-use questions
  • 100+ themes & templates to create beautiful quizzes
  • 100+ settings - configure your quizzes your way
  • Automated grading & scoring
  • Delightful reports & analytics
  • Scientific Testing
  • Predefined and Custom Job Profiles
  • Online Proctoring
  • Integration with Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Chatbot for faster hiring
  • Custom Assessments
  • Granular Scoring
  • Friendly Candidate Experience
  • Applicant Management
  • Online Assessments
  • Structured Online Interviews
  • Strong Analytics
  • Single Integrated System
  • Customizable Job Profiles
  • 360 Leadership Review
  • Advanced Analysis
  • Cognitive Ability
  • Better Interviews
  • Insight into Candidates
  • Beyond the Code
  • Flexible Assessments
  • Customized Feedback
  • Downloadable Reports
  • Professionally designed Templates
  • Smart Tests
  • Team-wide Collaboration
  • Powerful Analytics
  • Available Across Roles
  • Enterprise Ready
  • Advanced Proctoring
  • Custom Assessments
  • High-Quality Task Library
  • Predictive Coding Score
  • Full Keystroke Recording
  • Assessment Feedback
  • Easy-To-Use
  • Friendly Reports
  • Custom Hiring Profiles
  • Interview Guides
  • Job Fit Scores
  • Job Benchmarks

Now, let's dive a little deeper and see what each of these tools has to offer:

1.ProProfs Online Career Assessment Software

ProProfs Online Career Assessment Software

ProProfs quiz software has been ranked as the best quiz maker software of 2021. It offers many business solutions including online career assessments and is popular for its easy-to-use platform. It is a complete solution that can benefit anyone looking to create online career assessments. It is the easiest and most popular online assessment software.

ProProfs offers assessment solutions with access to an assessment library, a ready-to-use questions' library, several templates, and more than a hundred settings.

The automated grading and instant feedback are the star features of this tool, and honestly, the most helpful. You can save hours of your time by automating the grades for your assessments. The reports are generated automatically and in real-time, which can be used to evaluate an individual’s progress quickly.


✓   100+ Ready-to-Use Templates

100+ professionally built scored & personality quiz templates to create quizzes in under five minutes

✓   Question Bank

A collection of 100,000+ ready-to-use questions on different topics. This feature makes it one of the best online exam maker platforms out there.

✓   Assessment Library

A library of more than 100,000 ready-to-use assessments across thousands of topics.

✓   Automated Grading

Easily pre-assign grades to correct answers, saving time and effort

✓   100+ Settings & Configurations

Configure more than 100 settings to prevent cheating in your assessments

✓   White-Label

Brand your online exams with the desired look and feel with your logo, background, color schemes, etc. using this online test exam maker

✓   Security

Protect your assessments with a password to avoid unauthorized access.

✓   Completion Certificates

Customize certificates with your company logo and issue them automatically to exam-takers

✓   Lead Forms

Capture quiz-taker information using lead generation quizzes, including name, mobile number, email, etc. using a customizable lead form.

✓   Smart Integrations

ProProfs Quiz Maker integrates seamlessly with a number of third-party tools, including:

Pricing: Starts at $0.25/quiz taker/month, no strings attached

2. Bryq


Bryq is another career assessment tool that helps create online assessment tests to screen candidates for a job role. Bryq's assessments measure both cognitive and psychometric skills in one go.

The candidates assessed are then ranked on the basis of their skills, personality, and abilities as revealed by the assessment results.


✓   Scientific Testing

Validated psychometric and cognitive skills assessments that measure the correct indicators for job performance

✓   Predefined and Custom Job Profiles

Predefined database of more than 700 job titles – allowing you to quickly find the right profile. Customization allows HR managers to create custom job profiles and adjust the skills and traits that matter to the job profile.

✓   Online Proctoring

Bryq requests (but does not require) access to the candidate's webcam during the assessment. If granted, it captures short video clips at irregular intervals. These clips are then made available to the employer for review so that the employer can verify that the person taking the tests is the candidate being interviewed.

✓   Integration with Applicant Tracking Systems

Make sure there are no changes in your existing workflow

Pricing:Starts at $99 per month

3. Adaface


This skill assessment test generator platform uses an intelligent chatbot with an in-built code editor to identify qualified developers. The founders of Ada came up with this platform as a fair way for companies to evaluate engineers by assessing their on-the-job skills required for a particular job role.


✓   Shorter Assessments (45-60 mins)

Make sure engineers complete assessments ASAP with enough time to showcase their expertise

✓   Custom Assessments

Create assessments as per the requirements of the role

✓   Granular Scoring

Eliminate false positives and false negatives

✓   Friendly Candidate Experience

Provide hints for each question, friendly messaging and chatbot

Pricing: Starts at $199/month



MercerMettl is another amazing career assessment tool that offers a set of pre-employment sets like coding tests, psychometric tests, and aptitude tests. These and more such pre-employment tests help businesses filter candidates based on their traits, skills, knowledge, and other related competencies.

These tests are highly customizable as per the requirement of the job role.


✓   Applicant Management

Manage applicants, create and customise workflows with ease and flexibility.

✓   Online Assessments

Measure applicants with holistic psychometric, cognitive & competency based grading.

✓   Structured Online Interviews

Move interviews online with collaborative tools, structured grading & keep digital records.

✓   Strong Analytics

Improve the quality of hires across hiring cycles by correlating scores with on-job performance.

✓   Single Integrated System

Manage everything from assessments, interview to tracking applicants, all-in-one system.

Pricing: Available on request

5. McQuaig


McQuaig talent assessment platform empowers companies to align candidates with organizational fit. It helps recruiters evaluate candidates using standardized job profiles based on real hiring data.


✓   Customizable Job Profiles

Create a customizable benchmark for every role in your organization

✓   360 Leadership Review

Assess leadership competencies that tie to personality traits to provide the “why” behind your feedback

✓   Advanced Analysis

Build deeper insights into candidate’s character, motivation, values, interest, aptitudes, and more

✓   Cognitive Ability

Use a general cognitive aptitude test to measure speed of thought, general intelligence and intellectual agility, aptitude for learning, and more

Pricing:Available on request

6. HireVue Assessments

HireVue Assessment

HireVue is one online assessment tool that combines Artificial Intelligence with video interviews and game-based challenges to assess the competencies to predict success. HireVue assessments help managers filter out candidates with the help of thorough analysis and competency measurement.


✓   Better Interviews

Assess and interview in one simple step

✓   Insight into Candidates

A comprehensive view of competencies

✓   Beyond the Code

Assess candidates’ soft skills apart from coding abilities

✓   Flexible Assessments

Choose from pre-built assessments or customize to create your own

Pricing: Available on request

7. TOGGL Hire


With TOGGL Hire, the concept of hiring goes beyond screening resumes. This is a test-generating platform that lets you create skill assessment tests in seconds. All you have to do is choose the skills you want to test for, and it automatically generates your test using its database of 1500+ test questions. You can share these tests on job boards and even on social media allowing you to hire from anywhere.


✓   Professionally designed Templates

Explore a pool of pre-built skill test templates created by industry experts

✓   Smart Tests

Set time limits, add various question types, generate unique tests for each candidate and customize the automated scoring for your tests

✓   Team-wide Collaboration

Hire as a team by leaving leave notes, ratings, and tags on candidates

✓   Powerful Analytics

Get performance statistics such as: which channels candidates are coming from, question difficulty level, how well your skills challenges are performing, etc.

✓   Feedback

Create customized feedback displayed at the end of tests for a delightful candidate experience

✓   Reports

Export reports in either PDF or CSV format

Pricing: Starting from $99/month

8. GLIDER.ai


GLIDER.ai is a state-of-the-art online assessment tool that helps you hire qualified candidates faster and then continue to develop them.

With Glider, you can easily create interactive assessments, auto-scored coding tasks, and video questions to ensure you hire the right candidate. The platform has 30 question types to choose from and supports videos as well.

It is probably the best pick for recruiters because it is built around the idea of testing coding and programming skills.


✓   Available Across Roles

Use Glider across various job role assessments like technology, marketing, sales, and more

✓   Enterprise Ready

Easily meets all of your compliance and integration needs

✓   Advanced Proctoring

Flag candidates using AI with a complete audit trail

Pricing: Available on request

9. CodeSignal

Code Signal

CodeSignal is another assessment tool suitable for hiring managers and recruiters as it comes with a database full of tests. Hiring managers can increase interview-to-hire ratio with predictive scoring and thorough skills-based profiles.

The difficulty level of the tests ranges from easy to very hard. It is popular for its ease of use and convenience.


✓   Custom Assessments

Create job-specific tests

✓   High-Quality Task Library

Choose from a predefined and standardized task library and 40+ programming languages

✓   Predictive Coding Score

Measure overall implementation and problem-solving ability

✓   Full Keystroke Recording

Share recorded full keystroke replays of assessments with the entire hiring team

✓   Assessment Feedback

Share candidate profiles and collect feedback from the hiring team

Pricing:Starts at $500/month

10. Berke


A customizable test measuring personality and intelligence, the Berke Assessment has emerged as one of the top assessment tools among recruiters. With Berke, you can easily build "hiring profiles" in which you can list down desirable behavioral traits and problem-solving abilities, and compare each candidate's results against them.


✓   Easy-To-Use

Berke is intuitive, built with recruiters and hiring managers in mind

✓   Friendly Reports

Straight-forward language and graphs in reports illustrate key candidate qualities.

✓   Custom Hiring Profiles

Compare candidates to job benchmarks customized for your company

✓    Interview Guides

Ask great questions with interview guides tailored to each candidate

✓   Job Fit Scores

Instantly see the fit and mismatches between a person and a job

✓   Job Benchmarks

Create a baseline to benchmark existing employees and candidates.

Pricing: Available on request

Are You Ready to Choose?

  • As you must have seen by now, each and every skill assessment software listed above is different from each other and offers a unique set of features.
  • The decision to choose the best rests in your hands.
  • Handy Tip: Just keep the end goal in mind, and make sure to take a demo before you make the final call.
  • Good luck!
  • We're here to help if you need us. Give us a call at (855) 776-7763 (Toll Free) and one of our team members will help you zero in on one.

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