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Top 24 Online Tools for Teachers: Enhance Your Teaching Strategies

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the dynamics of many industries. Most notably, education was impacted in more ways than one.

With schools closed, teachers struggled to keep learning going. But, thanks to technology, there were several online tools for teachers that they could use to enhance learning and run assessments to ensure knowledge retention. 

With the help of such tools, they could stay connected with their students and provide top-of-the-line learning experiences.

However, you might wonder: Which solution will help me teach the learners effectively and seamlessly?

Well, we have the answer for you.

We have compiled a list of 24 best online teaching tools for you. Each tool can deliver its intended purpose and will make your job much easier. 

Let’s check them out.

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Best Online Tools for Teaching: A Quick Comparison Chart 

Test and Exam Makers

Best Tools for Online Teaching Why Is It Worth Considering? Pricing
ProProfs Quiz Maker 15+ question types
Powerful security & anti-cheating configurations
Dedicated exam-making settings
1 million+ ready-to-use questions
Automated grading
Custom certificates
Forever FREE for short quizzes and all features. Paid starts at $9.99/month for longer quizzes, advanced security, and assessment library.
Kahoot Supports multiple question types
Video conferencing
Question bank
100+ ready-to-play games
Starts at $17/host/month
ExamBuilder 4 exam templates
Six question types
Real-time delivery of certificates
Excellent reporting and analytics
Starts at $115/month
Tools for Building Interactive Lessons
ProProfs Training Maker Premium Course Library
Engaging Quizzes
100+ Settings
White Labeling
Actionable Reports
Multilingual Support
Starts at $1.97/learner/month (billed annually)
InsertLearning Insert sticky notes
Scaffold texts with questions
Authentic sources to build lifelong learners
Embedded discussions
Starts at $0 (Limited to 2 lessons only)
Flip Text-based discussion forums
Active teacher communities
Custom backdrop options on the web and mobile
Strengthen social learning communities
Starts at $0 (Limited to 10 minutes video length)
Teaching Tools for Classroom Management
ClassDojo Remote computer monitoring
Presentation building
Teacher/student screen sharing

Translation feature for messaging

Starts at $4.99/month
Google Classroom Create and manage classes
Enhanced grading and feedback
Build learning activities
Interesting slideshows
Get in touch with the company for a quote
Remind Send emergency reminders to families
Help teams and clubs connect
Supports remote learning
Wakeup calls and reminders
Get in touch with the company for a quote
Lesson Planning Tools
Planboard Track classroom schedules
Easy to embed PDFs and links
Grading workflow
Powerful integrations
Get in touch with the company for a quote
TeacherKit Organize classes and students
Record attendance
Track grades
Create seating charts
Starts from $0 (Limited to classroom and student management only)
Evernote Web clipper
Document scanner
Readymade templates
Connect schedule and notes
Starts at $0 (Sync up to 2 devices only)
Plagiarism Checkers
Duplichecker URL checking
Custom PDF reports
Reverse image search
AI-based technology
Starts at $25/month
Plagscan Author metrics
Plagiarism reports
Document manager
Multiple file format support
Starts from $5.99
Copyscape Duplicate detection
Problem area alerts
Collaboration capabilities
Private indexing of content
Get in touch with the company for a quote
Content Sources for Teachers
PBS LearningMedia Instant access to 10000+ digital resources
Supports in-person and virtual learning
Search, browse, and filter
Showcase accomplishments
Get in touch with the company for a quote
TED-Ed Create customized lessons
Diverse topics
Dig deeper feature
Encourages discussions
Get in touch with the company for a quote
CK-12 Foundation Bite-sized lessons
Books are fully customizable
Interactive learning objects
Concept-based learning
Starts from $0 (limited to standard aligned questions)
Communication and Collaboration Tools
ProProfs Collaborate Learning focused community
Centralize knowledge and answers
Create unlimited private or public groups
Collaborate anytime anywhere
Comes together with ProProfs Training Maker, which starts at $1.97/learner/month (billed annually)
Zoom Create and schedule meetings
Breakout rooms
Managing automated and manual captions
Live Streaming meetings
Provides a free version (Limited to 40 minutes per meeting)
Trello Built-in automation
Activity log
Powerful integrations
Mobile friendly
Starts from $0. (Limited to 10 boards per workspace)
Tools for Student Engagement
QRCode Monkey Barcode generation
API & single sign-on
Branded QR codes
Comprehensive performance data
Get in touch with the company for a quote
Wheel Decide Create digital wheels
Different types of action modes
Prize giveaways
Range of customization choices
Get in touch with the company for a quote
Online-Stopwatch Timer with alarm
Create multiple timers
Live countdown
Timer with animations
Starts at $12/year

24 Online Teaching Tools Based on Use Case

A wide range of online tools for teachers are available to deliver effective and engaging virtual instruction. These tools encompass various categories, including communication platforms, learning management systems (LMS), teaching tools, assessment and feedback tools, collaboration software, etc. 

Each type of tool serves a specific purpose, offering features such as video conferencing, content creation and sharing, online assessments, real-time collaboration, and immersive learning experiences.

Test and Exam Makers

These tools allow teachers to create and administer online assessments, quizzes, and exams. They often provide features such as multiple-choice questions, grading automation, and performance analytics.

1. ProProfs Quiz Maker

ProProfs Quiz Maker is among today’s most popular and secure teaching tools. It’s the best quiz maker software out there and offers a variety of online teaching solutions to teachers. As a teacher, you can create online quizzes, tests, and secure exams for your students, and assign them via virtual classrooms. 

A feature-rich test generator and exam maker software, it’s equipped with 100+ settings, including automated grading, smart security settings, and powerful anti-cheating functionalities, such as randomizing questions & answers, question pooling, disabling tab switching, and more. ProProfs lets you create more than 15 types of questions for your exams, including multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blanks, order lists, and video response questions. Plus, it gives you access to over 1 million questions you can modify and include in your exams and tests.

Why We Picked ProProfs?

  • Incredibly easy to use
  • 100+ ready-to-use templates
  • Automated grading
  • Instant feedback 
  • Excellent support


Forever FREE for short quizzes and all features. Paid starts at $9.99/month for longer quizzes, advanced security, and assessment library.

2. Kahoot

Kahoot is a game-based learning platform teachers can use to create game-based quizzes and tests for their students. This interactive software for teachers is easy to use and lets you create and share quizzes to enhance student learning, making it one of the best online teaching software. 

It’s one of the most popular eLearning tools used by teachers worldwide. The quizzes created on this tool are mobile-responsive, and you can access these via a web browser or the Kahoot app.

Why We Picked Kahoot?

  • Great for adding fun to learning
  • Rich insights through reports and analytics 
  • Easy integration with Google Classroom
  • Pleasant background music for quizzes


Starts at $17/host/month

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3. ExamBuilder

ExamBuilder is an effective online teaching tool combining powerful features with video training capabilities. It allows users to easily upload videos and PDFs, saving time using an AI question and image generator. The software enables the creation of custom exams, including multiple-choice, true/false, and hotspot image questions. 

ExamBuilder provides actionable insights through robust reporting and analytics, allowing business leaders to identify strengths and weaknesses within their organizations. With 24/7 real-time reports, you can analyze the performance at various levels and rank the questions by difficulty. Apart from teaching, the software caters to various training needs, including regulatory compliance, sales, and product training, technology training, certification, and more.

Why We Picked ExamBuilder?

  • User-friendly interface 
  • Powerful analytics and reporting capabilities 
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Can handle a large number of users and exams simultaneously 


Starts at $115/month 

Tools for Building Interactive Lessons

Design engaging and interactive lessons using multimedia elements like videos, images, and interactive activities. Such tools often include templates and drag-and-drop functionality to facilitate lesson creation.

4. ProProfs Training Maker

ProProfs Training Maker is a versatile online platform that simplifies the creation and delivery of interactive training courses. With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features, Training Maker enables users to develop engaging custom courses, quizzes, and assessments for diverse educational needs. 

It offers customizable templates, multimedia integration, and collaboration tools to enhance course content. The platform supports SCORM compliance, allowing seamless integration with learning management systems.

Its analytics and reporting features provide valuable insights into learner progress and course effectiveness. ProProfs Training Maker empowers organizations and educators to efficiently design and administer effective training and educational programs for their learners.

Why We Picked ProProfs Training Maker?

  • User-friendly UI
  • SCORM compliant 
  • Premium course library 
  • 100+ customization options


Starts from $1.97/learner/month (billed annually)

5. InsertLearning

InsertLearning is a powerful tool that can be added to Google Chrome for free. It allows teachers to enhance any web page with instructional content, making it a versatile tool for differentiation. Teachers can support all students in their learning journey by scaffolding text with questions, media, and discussions. 

It is one of the best tools for online teaching and encourages using authentic sources and high-interest content, fostering lifelong learning. Embedded discussions enable students to share their ideas and annotations, promoting engagement and active participation. 

Real-time assessment and intervention features enable teachers to monitor student responses and provide timely assistance. Join the community of over 200,000 teachers and transform the Internet into an interactive learning experience with InsertLearning.

Why We Picked InsertLearning?

  • Real-time assessment and intervention 
  • Add new information to pre-existing pages
  • Embed resources and discussions
  • Have options for collaboration  


Starts at $0 (Limited to 2 lessons only)

6. Flip

Flip, earlier known as Flipgrid, is a free app from Microsoft designed to make learning fun and engaging for students. With Flip, educators can create safe online groups where students can express their ideas asynchronously through short video, text, and audio messages. 

As one of the best online teaching tools, the app lets teachers control who joins their groups and what content they can access. Teachers can post topics as instructions for students to respond to and comment on students’ messages or invite peers to contribute to the discussion. 

Flip has received positive feedback from educators worldwide, who have seen their students improve their fluency, build confidence, and engage more in learning.

Why We Picked Flip?

  • Text-based forums
  • Enables discussions across digital devices 
  • Deeper learning opportunities 
  • Allows students to share their voices with others 


Starts at $0 (Limited to 10 minutes video length)

Teaching Tools for Classroom Management

Such tools are essential for effectively managing your classroom. They may offer features like attendance tracking, behavior management, and student progress monitoring, facilitating a structured and organized learning environment.

7. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is an educational tool that creates a sense of community in classrooms by connecting teachers, students, and parents. It is a free platform used by over 50 million students and parents. 

The tool offers various features to facilitate communication and engagement. Messages allow for easy communication between teachers, families, and staff, with automatic translation into more than 35 languages. 

Stories enable teachers to share photos, videos, and updates on a private feed, giving parents a glimpse into the classroom. The calendar feature helps everyone stay updated with events and reminders. ClassDojo also promotes social-emotional learning through Points, Big Ideas, and Portfolios, allowing collaboration between teachers and families. The Teacher Toolkit provides helpful resources, including attendance sheets and timers. 

Why We Picked ClassDojo?

  • Provides seamless school-to-home communication
  • Has student behavior reporting
  • Easy to use across all devices
  • Reward system for students


Starts at $4.99/month

8. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an educational tool that allows educators to create personalized and engaging learning experiences. It is part of Google Workspace for Education, providing institutions with collaborative and secure tools. 

Developed in collaboration with educators, Classroom continuously incorporates feedback to enhance its features and functionality. It simplifies everyday tasks for teachers, offers insights and visibility into student progress, and promotes personalized learning. 

Its premium features enable teachers to create interactive assignments, develop literacy skills, reinforce concepts with self-paced learning, and integrate popular educational tools. Google Classroom also supports administrators in managing classes at scale and making data-driven decisions. 

Why We Picked Google Classroom?

  • Accessible from all devices
  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Create URLs for interesting comments 
  • Assignment process is smooth 


Get in touch with the company for a quote 

9. Remind

Remind is a powerful communication tool designed for schools and districts to enhance connectivity among students, teachers, and families. With 80% of US schools already using the platform, it enables seamless communication between school and home, supporting learning wherever it occurs. 

The platform offers features like two-way text messaging in multiple languages, real-time notifications, automatic translation, and privacy protection. Remind provides tutoring services, personalized virtual sessions, curriculum alignment, and interactive whiteboarding for enhanced learning support. 

Trusted by millions of users, Remind is praised for its impact on student success and effective stakeholder communication.

Why We Picked Remind?

  • Supports email and text reminders and announcements 
  • Accepts suggestions from users and implements them
  • Powerful integrations 
  • Ability to attach documents, video clips, and more


Get in touch with the company for a quote 

Lesson Planning Tools

This is one of the most important types of online tools that you need. Lesson planning is an integral part of teaching, and you can create lesson plans and organize your instructional materials using these tools. Lesson planning tools include customizable templates and the ability to share and collaborate on lesson plans with other educators.

10. Planboard

PowerSchool’s Planboard is an advanced tool designed to streamline lesson planning and grading workflows for teachers. As one of the best online teaching tools for teachers, it offers powerful features to enhance the efficiency of creating and organizing digital lesson plans. 

Teachers can easily incorporate files, photos, and videos into their lessons and utilize customizable templates to save time. Planboard integrates seamlessly with popular learning management systems like Schoology Learning and Google Classroom, allowing for easy sharing of lesson plans with students. Additionally, it enables teachers to track progress toward standards, collaborate with colleagues, and access a vast catalog of lesson plans. Available on iOS and Android devices, Planboard ensures teachers can view and edit their lessons anywhere.

Trusted by over 500,000 teachers worldwide, Planboard empowers educators to plan for the future and enhance their teaching practices efficiently.

Why We Picked Planboard?

  • Modern editor to build lessons 
  • Reduces the hassle of managing class schedules
  • Keeps lessons organized 
  • Digital planner is great and links to curriculum expectations


Get in touch with the company for a quote

11. TeacherKit

TeacherKit is an exceptional tool for lesson planning and classroom management. This user-friendly app simplifies routine tasks, allowing teachers to focus on teaching. With this tool,  teachers can effortlessly record attendance, grades, and behavior, effectively manage their classes, and easily communicate with students and parents. 

The app also offers features to analyze and share information, enhancing follow-up efforts and making a greater impact. Available on iOS, Android, and MS Windows, TeacherKit caters to K-12 teachers, higher education faculty, and corporate trainers. It supports multiple languages and platforms, ensuring accessibility for diverse users. 

Why We Picked TeacherKit?

  • Simplifies paperwork 
  • Provides robust reports
  • Offers a central space for lesson information and classroom activities 
  • Great for communication with parents 


Starts from $0 (Limited to classroom and student management only) 

12. Evernote

Evernote is a versatile and feature-rich tool designed to help individuals and teams stay organized, productive, and efficient. With Evernote, you can capture and organize your ideas, tasks, lessons, and schedules in one place. 

Key features include the ability to sync your notes across all devices, add text, images, audio, scans, PDFs, and documents to your notes, and seamlessly integrate your Google Calendar for better schedule management. 

As one of the top online tools for teachers, Evernote offers powerful search capabilities, allowing

you to quickly find the information you need. Whether you’re an executive, entrepreneur, or creative professional, Evernote is a valuable tool for maximizing productivity and staying on top of your tasks and projects.

Why We Picked Evernote?

  • Sync notes even when you’re offline 
  • Create personal space for all your ideas and information  
  • Good for project planning 
  • Character recognition through keyword search 


Starts at $0 (Sync up to 2 devices only)  

Plagiarism Checkers

Another thing that you may need to promote academic integrity is plagiarism checking tools. These tools help teachers detect and prevent plagiarism by comparing students’ work against a vast database of sources. You can identify copied content and provide originality reports, promoting academic integrity.

13. DupliChecker

DupliChecker offers comprehensive tools to help users with various writing-related tasks. It supports multiple file formats, allowing users to upload text through various methods such as copy-pasting, device upload, or cloud storage. 

The tool provides results in percentage, offering a unique content ratio and accurately detecting plagiarized resources. Privacy is guaranteed, as the tool doesn’t save any uploaded material and trashes content after plagiarism checking, ensuring the security of user data. 

Developed using AI-based technology, it identifies exact matches and detects minor traces of plagiarism and paraphrased content. 

Why We Picked DupliChecker?

  • Provides writing enhancements including removing duplicates
  • Highlights grammar errors
  • Fast and deep scanning capabilities
  • Delivers quick and reliable results


Starts at $25/month 

14. Plagscan

PlagScan is a powerful plagiarism detection tool that allows users to check the authenticity of a text with just a few clicks. Compatible with various file formats, PlagScan offers a user-friendly interface and a range of features to ensure accurate and efficient plagiarism detection.

One of the notable features of PlagScan is its customizable Plagiarism Report, which can be tailored to meet individual needs. Whether users prefer a printable PDF file or an interactive browser report for collaboration, PlagScan offers flexibility and ease of use.

Data protection and privacy are top priorities for PlagScan. They guarantee that uploaded documents will never be shared with unauthorized third parties, ensuring the confidentiality and security of user data.

Why We Picked PlagScan?

  • Dashboard is easy to navigate 
  • Available for all operating systems 
  • Deep scanning features 
  • Provides customized reports 


Starts from $5.99 

15. Copyscape

Copyscape is a leading online tool that helps users ensure the originality of their content and protect it from plagiarism. In a world where content theft is a growing concern, Copyscape offers solutions to detect and prevent unauthorized use of text. 

With Copyscape Premium, users can verify the authenticity of their content by checking it against existing online sources. The tool also provides features such as copy-paste originality checks, batch search, API integration, and more. 

Additionally, Copysentry, another service by Copyscape, scans the web regularly to identify instances where content has been copied and alerts users to protect their intellectual property. Trusted by millions of website owners, Copyscape is recognized as the leading plagiarism detection solution.

Why We Picked Copyscape?

  • Fast and accurate 
  • Online forum for troubleshooting 
  • Provides links to external sites 
  • Gives your material a certain level of credibility 


Get in touch with the company for a quote 

Content Sources for Teachers

Teachers need a lot of information and educational materials to enhance their instructional materials and supplement their teaching. With tools offering online content sources, you can access a wide range of educational resources, including lesson plans, worksheets, educational videos, and teaching materials. 

16. PBS LearningMedia

PBS LearningMedia is an invaluable educational resource that provides teachers and students with a vast collection of high-quality digital content. Developed by the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), it offers a wide range of multimedia materials, including videos, interactive lessons, images, documents, and more.

PBS LearningMedia covers various subjects and grade levels, making it a versatile tool for classroom instruction, remote learning, and independent study. 

Teachers can easily search and access resources tailored to their curriculum needs, while students benefit from engaging and informative materials that enhance their learning experience. With its commitment to educational excellence, PBS LearningMedia empowers educators and learners alike.

Why We Picked PBS LearningMedia?

  • Design is clean and intuitive 
  • Offers useful support materials 
  • Materials available for any kind of topic 
  • Customized dashboard 


Get in touch with the company for a quote 

17. TED-Ed

TED-Ed is an innovative educational platform that brings the renowned TED Talks format into the classroom. With TED-Ed, educators can access various engaging and thought-provoking educational videos carefully curated to cover various subjects. 

These videos accompany interactive lesson plans, discussion questions, and additional resources, allowing teachers to facilitate more profound learning experiences. Students benefit from the captivating and informative content that TED-Ed offers, inspiring critical thinking and fostering curiosity. 

The platform also provides tools for teachers to create customized lessons, enabling them to tailor the material to their students’ needs. TED-Ed revolutionizes education by making engaging and intellectually stimulating content accessible to learners worldwide.

Why We Picked TED-Ed?

  • Flipped classrooms 
  • Create TED-style talks 
  • Create customized and animated lessons
  • Fantastic animations 


Get in touch with the company for a quote 

18. CK-12 Foundation

CK-12 Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing free and open educational resources for students and educators globally. Their mission is to enhance K-12 learning by making high-quality, customizable educational content accessible to all. 

CK-12 offers a vast library of digital textbooks, interactive lessons, simulations, and practice exercises across various subjects, allowing teachers to personalize instruction and students to learn at their own pace. 

The platform embraces open educational resources (OER), enabling users to modify and adapt the content to suit their specific needs. With CK-12 Foundation, learners worldwide can access comprehensive, interactive, and flexible educational resources that empower them to excel academically.

Why We Picked CK-12 Foundation?

  • Easy to use
  • Supports collaborative learning
  • Compatible with all devices 
  • Variety of STEM-designated resources 


Starts from $0 (limited to standard aligned questions)

Communication and Collaboration Tools

These tools facilitate communication and collaboration between teachers, students, and parents. They often include features like messaging systems, discussion boards, and virtual meeting platforms, enabling effective communication and engagement.

19. ProProfs Collaborate 

ProProfs Collaborate is a questions & answers (Q&A) software platform designed to help teams grow their knowledge through a learning-focused community. The software allows users to set up Q&A discussions and chats to improve learning and knowledge sharing among team members.

It centralizes knowledge and makes it searchable, eliminating the need to dig through documents, emails, or chat threads. The platform also ensures instant access to peer knowledge and wisdom, preventing the repetition of questions and fostering a culture of shared knowledge.

Additionally, it supports collaboration anytime and anywhere with its mobile support and notifications feature, enabling team members to access information, communicate, and collaborate on any device. 

Why We Picked ProProfs Collaborate?

  • Collaborate on the go 
  • Accessible on all devices
  • Create unlimited private and public groups 
  • Build learning-focused community 


Comes together with ProProfs Training Maker.

20. Zoom

Zoom is an AI-powered platform that revolutionizes how we work by providing a comprehensive set of tools for connectivity and collaboration. It is a comprehensive tool for seamless communication and collaboration, making the learning experience more connected and intelligent. 

With Zoom, educators can create virtual meetings, engage in team chat, utilize a VoIP phone system, collaborate on an online whiteboard, and manage email and calendar activities. It offers a unified communication platform that combines various features for efficient and meaningful connections. 

The tool also provides innovative solutions for workspace reservations and hosting impactful virtual events like webinars. Additionally, it offers a contact center solution optimized for video, enabling modern customer support. 

Why We Picked Zoom?

  • Supports a large number of users
  • Provides Google Calendar support
  • Share multiple screens at a time
  • Good conferencing quality 


Provides a free version (Limited to 40 minutes per meeting)

21. Trello

Trello is a versatile productivity tool that brings tasks, teammates, and tools together in one place. It offers a simple, flexible, and powerful system of boards, lists, and cards to organize tasks and track progress. Trello allows for customizable workflows and provides a clear view of who is doing what and what needs to be done. 

With features like Timeline view and Calendar view, teams can effectively manage deadlines and stay on top of tasks. Trello also offers integrations with other apps and has built-in automation capabilities with Butler. From individual projects to enterprise-scale work, Trello provides a user-friendly and customizable solution for teams to collaborate and stay organized.

Why We Picked Trello?

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop system
  • Responsive design 
  • Kanban system 
  • Notification system is good 


Starts from $0. (Limited to 10 boards per workspace)

Tools for Student Engagement 

Another tool you may find useful is the one used for student engagement. These tools employ various strategies, such as gamification, virtual rewards, and interactive quizzes, to motivate and engage students. By making learning enjoyable and interactive, these tools increase student participation, motivation, and overall academic performance by making learning enjoyable and interactive.

22. QRCode Monkey

QRCode Monkey is one of the leading tech-based online tools for teachers that lets you quickly and easily create custom and dynamic QR codes. As surprising as it may sound, QR codes work great for gamifying education courses. You can link files, webpages, videos, etc., to a QR code and share them with your students so that they get access to their learning material in a unique and fun way.

There are also many other ways to include QR codes into your learning material and activities creatively. For instance, you can create a QR code scavenger hunt by linking instructions for hidden items to your QR codes. Such an activity can be amazing for student engagement. 

Why We Picked QRCode Monkey?

  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited QR code scans
  • Excellent options for customization
  • Scan statistics 


Get in touch with the company for a quote 

23. Wheel Decide

Like QRCode Monkey, Wheel Decide is also a simple yet effective tool for gamified learning. It lets you create and embed digital roulette wheels that you can use for various classroom activities. 

For instance, you can use Wheel Decide to pick a student to answer a question or perform an activity. Another great idea is to use it to select games for indoor recess. Besides letting you create your wheels, Wheel Decide also offers many ready-made wheels that you can modify to suit your activity.

Why We Picked Wheel Decide?

  • Add up to 100 choices 
  • Easy to embed
  • Lots of ready-made wheels
  • Lots of customization options 


Get in touch with the company for a quote 

24. Online-Stopwatch

It’s a super-fun online productivity tool ideal for elementary and middle school students. It features colorful timers on various themes, such as sports, sci-fi, firecrackers, space, animals, etc. The timers offered in this tool are perfect for students who have difficulty ‘getting in the zone’. 

Besides themed timers, Online-Stopwatch offers formal exam timers, random name and number pickers, chance games, and many other things to make learning engaging and effective. 

Why We Picked Online-Stopwatch?

  • Accurate stopwatch with lap times and alarms
  • Random name pickers 
  • Very easy to use 
  • Generate activity reports


Starts at $12/year

That was all about the different types of online tools for teachers that you can surely give a try based on your teaching goals and needs.

What Are Online Teaching Tools?

Online teaching tools are digital resources designed to enhance the educational experience in virtual learning environments. These tools facilitate remote teaching and enable effective communication, collaboration, and content delivery. 

They typically include video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Google Meet for live virtual classes, learning management systems such as ProProfs or Canvas for organizing course materials and assignments, and interactive whiteboards for real-time collaboration. 

Other standard tools include online assessment platforms, screen-sharing software, document-sharing and annotation tools, virtual reality (VR) simulations, and educational apps. These online teaching tools aim to engage students, foster active participation, provide instant feedback, and create an interactive and immersive learning environment.

Why Choose Online Teaching Tools?

E-learning has grown a lot, which shouldn’t be a surprise considering how much the internet has expanded over the past few years. 

The e-learning industry has grown 900% since the beginning of this century alone.

With such a massive growth in the demand for e-learning prospects, organizations must balance it by transitioning towards online learning and delivering what the audience wants. 

But that’s not the only reason, because LMSs also save a lot of time and money as the learners don’t have to travel to a physical school or training center. It also makes learning and training consistent because these tools act as a centralized delivery point that ensures quality every time.

You can also track learners’ performance in real time because the assessment and grading systems are all built-in, giving you a much better perspective of the learners anytime and anywhere. 

Managers and teachers can deploy several teaching online tools for remote teaching. Such tools offer valuable features, including templates for online courses & quizzes, online classrooms, question banks, instant reports, mobile-friendliness, etc. 

Apart from these, most of the tools for online teaching offer the following advantages:

  • Personalized learning experiences by offering interactive and adaptive content tailored to individual student needs.
  • Active engagement through multimedia resources, gamification, and collaborative activities. 
  • Instant feedback and assessment, helping students track their progress and make timely improvements. 
  • Communication and collaboration among students and teachers, fostering a sense of community and facilitating meaningful interactions. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What tools do I need for online teaching?

You will need essential tools for online teaching to create an effective virtual learning environment. Firstly, a reliable computer or laptop with a stable internet connection is crucial. A video conferencing platform like Zoom or Microsoft Teams enables real-time interaction and collaboration with students.

Screen sharing and virtual whiteboard tools facilitate visual presentations and demonstrations. Learning management systems like ProProfs help organize and share course materials, assignments, and assessments. Communication tools like email and messaging platforms aid in maintaining contact with students.

Additionally, recording software or screen capture tools assist in creating instructional videos for asynchronous learning. Finally, a good quality microphone and webcam enhance audio and video clarity, ensuring clear communication with students.

What is the best tool for online classes?

The best tool for online classes ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. However, popular options include Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, which offer robust video conferencing features, screen-sharing capabilities, and virtual collaboration tools. 

Learning management systems like Moodle, Canvas, or Google Classroom can also provide effective course organization, content sharing, and assessment management. Choose the tool that aligns best with your teaching style and requirements.

What is the best technology for online teaching?

The best technology for online teaching can vary depending on individual needs and preferences. However, a combination of video conferencing platforms, learning management systems, content, and assessment creation tools, and collaboration platforms is commonly used. These technologies facilitate live interaction, content delivery, assignment management, and collaborative learning, making them valuable resources for effective online teaching.

Ready to Choose the Best Online Tools for Teachers?

In the end, what makes an online teaching tool the best is its ability to provide an easy-to-use platform for delivering engaging, interactive, and personalized instructions. Factors like secure data storage, flexibility, accessibility, and progress monitoring are other key factors.

Also, it’s even better if the tool is compatible with all the top communication and collaborative tools.

The online tools for teachers we discussed above have their own specific strengths and can work for you depending on your requirements. So don’t let any learning challenges stand in the way of you and your learners. Choose the right tool for classroom teaching today for a reliable knowledge-sharing experience.

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