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20 Best Online Test Maker Software of 2023


Whether you’re a recruiter, trainer, or teacher, an online test maker software is an incredibly resourceful tool. 


It’s because online test maker tools let you supercharge your testing efficiency & accuracy and enable you to make highly informed decisions based on automated reports & statistics.

There’s a plethora of online test builder software out there with excellent features. And, since there are so many, we understand that choosing the right one for your requirements can be pretty tough. 

So, to help you out, we’ve curated this list of the 20 best online test maker software! But before we jump into the list, let’s quickly address a few questions you may have.

What Is Test Maker Software?

Test maker software is a web-based tool that helps users create and share online tests and administer online testing or online examination. Test maker software lets educators and businesses conduct hassle-free online tests with minimal human intervention.

Once you sign-up, you can use an online test maker to create online tests for your learners, create a quiz online, create a test for assessing your candidate, create employee assessments, etc. As a tool powered by automation, it helps you improve the entire online testing experience and make it more efficient. 

How to Choose the Best Online Test Maker

Regardless of why you’re creating your online tests, there are certain non-negotiable attributes that the best test creation software must have. So, when you’re weighing your options, you must see if the tool is:

  1. Easy-to-Use

No matter how convenient a tool may seem when you’re taking a tour, you may discover that it’s not cutting it when you use it. To avoid that, conduct a thorough analysis on ease of use before you make the purchase. 

For that, you must take a free trial and look at the tool’s user interface and the features that it offers. You must also read up on some user reviews. This way, you’ll get a fair idea of the tool’s ease of use. 

  1. Cloud-Based

Imagine finding a brilliant tool and then having to install it. Takes away the delight, right? To avoid such a situation, you must always see if the tool you choose is cloud-based and requires no installation. 

The tool must let you create and share tests online while storing and retrieving data from cloud storage. 

  1. Offers Advanced Features

Certain features such as automated grading & feedback, various question types, real-time tracking, and analytical reports are standard across all test builder platforms. When you’re comparing your options, you must keep this in mind to avoid ending up with an ineffective tool.

  1. Allows Configurations

Since you’re going to use the test maker tool for different tests, you must see if it lets you configure important settings, including security, sharing, notifications, availability, etc. A tool that lets you configure settings according to your requirements is undoubtedly one of the best.

  1. Provides Compatibility With Mobile Devices

Not all tests created with test platforms are compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. You must look for test software that produces tests that perfectly fit the screen size of mobile devices. 

Compatibility with mobile devices ensures that you can test anytime, anywhere. This is crucial when testing employees who are always on the go. 

Check out this quick video tutorial to learn more about the necessary steps for choosing the best test maker software.

Watch: How to Choose the Best Test Generator

How Did We Choose the Best Test Creators for This List?

To produce our list of the 20 best online test maker software, we did a lot of research, checked reviews, and studied each tool thoroughly. We then compiled this list based on the following attributes: 

☑ Usability: Different use cases that the tool is ideal for

☑ Features: The variety of features the tool offers

☑ Configurations: The settings & configurations the tool offers to its users

☑ Sharing: The ease of sharing the tests with participants

☑ Pricing: Different pricing plans the tool offers 

We only picked the best tools to create online tests and drew a detailed comparison to show you how each tool is different from the others. It’ll help you figure out which one best fits your needs and workflow. 

So now, let’s look at how each of these tools differs from the others. 

List of Best Test Maker Software

Here’s an analysis of the 20 best test-maker tools to help you make an informed decision when choosing the right tool for conducting exams and other forms of assessments. 

1. ProProfs Test Maker


ProProfs is one of the simplest and most user-oriented online test maker. It has a clean and intuitive design and is equipped with every essential test-making feature for educational, hiring, training, or coaching requirements. 

Creating insightful and engaging tests is a breeze with ProProfs. That’s because it lets you create 15+ types of questions and comes with an expansive resources library featuring 100+ professionally-designed test templates, 1,000,000+ ready-to-use questions, and 150+ skill/knowledge tests created by subject matter experts

This test-generating software comes with robust security & anti-cheating settings, including two-factor authentication, proctoring, shuffling, question pooling, tab-switching prevention, and more. ProProfs also lets you set up an automated certification/recertification system and thoroughly analyze test performance using advanced reports and statistics. 


  • 15+ Question Types: Create 15+ types of questions, including multiple-choice, checkbox, video-response, comprehension, hotspot, and more. 
  • 100+ Ready-to-Use Templates: Use 100+ professionally built quiz templates to create scored or personality tests in minutes.
  • Question Bank: Quickly create tests from scratch using a pool of 1,000,000+ ready-to-use questions on different topics. 
  • Assessment Library: Access 150+ expert-designed tests to assess skills, knowledge, personality, cognitive abilities, or safety & compliance awareness. 
  • Automated Grading: Automate grading by pre-assigning scores to questions & answer options to save time and effort.
  • Security settings: Maintain test integrity using powerful privacy, security, and anti-cheating settings. Enable proctoring, prevent tab switching, shuffle questions & answer options, and create question banks to randomize question selection. 
  • White-Label: Give your tests the look you want with your logo, background, color schemes, etc.
  • Completion Certificates: Customize certificates with your company logo and issue them to test takers automatically. Set passing score, expiry date, and recertification schedule. 
  • Learner Tracking: Capture test-takers’ information, including name, mobile number, email, etc., using customizable lead forms that let you ask your own questions.
  • Delightful Reporting: Get advanced, AI-powered reporting and analytics to accurately analyze learning progress and challenges or easily compare candidate performances. 
  • Virtual Classroom: Assign tests in an organized way using virtual classrooms with multiple instructors, learner groups, and role-based permissions.


+ Easy to use and has a simple user interface that makes the process of building tests delightful

+ It has a handy resources library featuring 150+ skill assessment tests and over a million ready questions

+ 100+ settings & configurations make customizing a test to your liking and securing it super easy


The software could deploy more templates 

Most of the advanced features are available with premium plans 

Pricing: Premium plans start at $20/month (billed annually). Special premium pricing for K 12 teachers starts at $ 3.99/instructor/month (billed annually).

Watch: How to Create Online Tests or Exams

2. Opinion Stage


Opinion Stage‘s online test maker is one of the top online testing tools. It lets you create online tests easily with the help of amazing features and customization options in minutes. It’s feature-rich, easy to use, and creates attractive content.

Trying to convert a typical form into a high-quality poll can be pretty frustrating, but Opinion Stage test creation software saves its users from hours of pointless form editing by offering templates. From lead generation to content marketing, providing audience insights, and more, Opinion Stage offers all solutions.


  • Optimized Templates: The Opinion Stage Test Maker lets you easily create online tests from scratch or optimized templates. Choose from hundreds of templates, and change everything from text to logic and design.
  • Maximized Submissions: Get more and more engagement by building interactive and visually appealing online tests.
  • Contact Information: Configure to integrate a customized form inside the test to gather test takers’ contact information.
  • Personalized Test Results: Configure how the result page is displayed based on the test result by customizing texts, images, the call-to-action button, and more.
  • Easily Shareable: Add a social sharing bar at the end of the test for users to share the test results on popular social networks – Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Advanced Results Dashboard: Get detailed reports on all aspects of the test results and performance, such as how many recipients took the test, how many completed it, how much time they spent answering the test, and more.
  • Integrations: Opinion Stage offers various options to export test results to Excel/CSV or automate sending them to any integrated 3rd party tool. The platform supports seamless integration with a range of popular tools such as Zapier, GetResponse, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, ConstantContact, and Salesforce. With Salesforce integration, you can transfer the test results data into Salesforce, allowing you to access the data in one place, and streamline your sales process.


+ Very easy-to-use

+ Great customizations for quizzes


–  The free version has very few features

–  Lacks inclusion of media

–  Customer support could improve

Pricing: Free and paid plans. Paid plans start at $25/month (billed annually).

3. QuestBase


Next on our list is QuestBase. Like many other online test maker software, it’s also a quiz maker, exam maker, and proficient assessment tool. One of the key features of QuestBase is the safe exam browser, which lets you lock multiple screens, prevent app switching via keyboard shortcuts, disable the right click, and configure other browser-related anti-cheating settings. 

Educators, trainers, nonprofits, and businesses use it widely for it offers an easy 3-step creation process and focuses on quality questions. Other useful features in QuestBase include a certificate editor, advanced statistics, adding your logo to the tests, and more.


  • One Solution for All Assessments: QuestBase is the ideal solution for web-based training, distance learning, needs assessments, CBT, course evaluations, sales & product training, online quizzes, product certifications, placement tests, knowledge and academic assessments, and more.
  • Flexible for Adding Questions: You can add questions manually or import them from an external file. You can even use the built-in web editor to create your tests easily. You can mix different question types, use images, and insert special characters for math equations.
  • Easy-to-Share: Once you’ve created your assessments, you can publish them online, share via email, on your website, or print them on paper. Tests created with QuestBase are highly compatible with phones and tablets too.
  • Public or Private: You can make your tests public or keep them private.
  • Real-Time Reports: Get real-time reports about your test-takers. You can display, print, or export test responses to other programs for later analysis.
  • Safe Exam Browser: Prevent cheating by locking multiple screens, preventing switching applications through keyboard shortcuts, disabling the right click of the mouse and the trackpad, and more.


+ Users can organize their surveys and questionnaires in different folders.

+ QuestBase gives users some great tools to create various assessments.

+ You can randomize the question order and configure browser security so students can’t cheat easily.


Not intuitive

Doesn’t sync with PowerSchool or Google Classroom

Pricing: Starts at €109.95/year.

4. Help Teaching


Help Teaching is an online teaching tool for homeschooling that doubles as a test-making tool for teachers. It lets you create multiple-choice tests & quizzes in printable or online versions featuring various question types, such as multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blanks, true/false, and more. You can also create worksheets for different subjects and even create printable games.

One of the best test creator software for teachers, it also has a library of pre-made tests, worksheets, and more covering various early education, K-12, and AP level subjects. The library also contains over 1000 images that you can use to enrich your tests.


  • Test Library: Create your own test or customize tests and worksheets from the pre-made tests library.
  • Question Library: Create a test with a mix of your own questions or pick questions from the question library.
  • Question Types: Create tests with various question types, such as multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blanks, true/false, and more.
  • Customize: Decide how you want to display test questions, choose your fonts & font size, choose the test header & other fields, and more.
  • Media: Add images in questions by uploading them or importing them from the images library.
  • Test Room Platform: Schedule your online tests according to your suitability using the Test Room platform.


+ You can save your tests as PDFs. 

+ You can use the Test Room feature to administer online tests and lessons for up to 500 students.

+ Help Teaching offers access to pre-made premium content, including printable worksheets, tests, and learning activities. 

+ You can browse and search CCSS-aligned questions by the standard.


The user interface is a bit complicated. It takes some time to navigate to study materials.

Some of the premade worksheets are too hard for their intended student level

Pricing: Free and paid plans. Paid plans start at $5/month.

5. FlexiQuiz


Another amazing online test maker, FlexiQuiz has been designed as an easy-to-use test maker with hundreds of configuration features. With 9 question types, time limits, progress bars, question banks, certificates, notifications, and customization options, this test creation software is one of the best online test making software for creating engaging online tests for hiring, training and academic evaluation.

FlexiQuiz also lets you automate grading, provides powerful reports for in-depth analysis, lets you add images, videos, and your brand logo to your tests, schedule tests conveniently, and make your tests public or private.


  • Question Types: Choose from 9 question types, including multiple-choice, free format, picture choice, and fill-in-the-blanks.
  • Media Library: Use pictures, images, and videos to make your questions engaging.
  • Security: Add a time limit by the question, page, or the whole quiz. Automatically randomize your question or answer options to prevent cheating.
  • Customizations: Give your tests the look & feel of your brand by using the colors and images of your choice. Use logos to brand your quizzes & tests.
  • Layout: Discover innumerable ways of configuring the test, from setting the number of questions per page to setting a time limit.
  • Publish & Share: You can share your tests & quizzes in the following three ways:

 Share the test URL in your email, social media pages, or websites

 Send an email directly to all participants & track their responses

 Create private accounts for your respondents & store all their tests in one place

  • Automated Grading: Save grading time by pre-scoring questions, deciding the correct answers, and passing scores. You can also show the participants their scores immediately and provide feedback. 
  • Tracking and Reporting: Easily track reports from your dashboard or export reports to a spreadsheet for further analysis. Monitor activities, such as who has taken your quiz, their responses, time taken and final score, all the tests assigned to respondents and what has not been completed, and more.
  • Completion Certificates: Issue a customized completion certificate to your respondents after they complete the test.
  • Notifications: Send email notifications to respondents containing their results & responses.
  • Question Bank: Create your question bank for future reference by saving and storing all your questions, by category, in a question library.


+ Very user-friendly and fast

+ Automatically tracks & saves data

+ Easy to create quizzes to share for free or sell with Stripe integration


The layouts lack style

The platform does not have a built-in survey to assess candidate feedback.

Pricing: Free and paid plans. Paid plans start at $17/month (billed annually).

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6. Testmoz


Testmoz is highly popular among teachers but equally useful for businesses. This online assessment software lets you seamlessly create and distribute tests online and provides instant results. It also lets you import questions from other tests, change question types, and create question pools.

It has many smart settings for grading, feedback, and preventing cheating. The tests created with Testmoz are autosaved, so there’s no chance of losing any data. One of the strongest suits of the tool is its scalability, as its dashboard loads fast irrespective of the number of learners. 


  • Question Types: TestMoz offers multiple graded question types, including multiple-choice, checkbox, true/false, matching, fill-in-the-blanks, and essay. It also lets you ask open-ended and survey-style questions.
  • Question Banks/Pools: Create tests with multiple questions from the same pool.
  • Find & Insert From Other Tests: Search for questions from other tests, and import them into a new test.
  • Easy Question Management: Easily add questions to your tests by inserting a new one or copying an existing one.
  • Add Images & Videos: Make your test more engaging by uploading images to your questions and answers. If images aren’t enough, you can embed a video from YouTube or other supported video sites.
  • Math Symbol Support: Use the simple ASCII math syntax to add equations to your questions and answers.
  • File Uploads: Provide files for your test-takers to download during the test.
  • Explanations: Optionally explain your questions so test-takers can review them after the test.
  • Mobile & Desktop Friendly: Testmoz works great on phones, tablets, and desktop computers. 


+ Ease of grading and providing feedback

+ Instant results

+ Highly detailed, AI-generated reports 

+ Reports can be downloaded in Excel. 


No authentication

The user interface looks a bit outdated 

Pricing: Free and paid plans. Paid plans start at $50/year.

7. EasyTestMaker


EasyTestMaker lives up to its name and then some as an online test generator. Using this tool, you can painlessly design and manage perfectly formatted tests featuring different question types. When building your tests, you can import questions from other tests you’ve created to save time. 

You can print your tests or publish them on the web. You can leverage all the top online testing features for your online tests, such as automated grading, question pooling, and automated reporting. This test-making software is an especially great option for creating assessments with problem-based strategic questions for testing learners or job candidates. 


  • Easy Test Building: Create exams, tests, and other types of assessments with ease. Import questions from tests you’ve created into a new test. 
  • Formatting: Create tests with different question types, such as multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blanks, and more. Also, add instructions while adding questions.
  • Automated Grading: Automate the scoring and grading process to save time and energy.
  • Question Pools: Create a test with your entire question bank so each test-taker gets a random set of questions.
  • Question Analysis Reporting: Identify questions that test-takers found most challenging with easy-to-analyze reports.
  • Exporting: Export tests and answer sheets to Microsoft Word or PDF 


+ Very simple for learners to access all the content.

+ Offers several types of questions.

+ Fully advanced and unique tool.

+ Users can download assessments in PDF to print.


Dull user interface

Reordering the questions can be difficult

Pricing: Free and paid plans. Paid plans start at $59.95/year.

8. Typeform


Typeform is a form-building tool you can use to create online tests, quick surveys, and questionnaires. Creating a test in this tool is super fun. You must copy and paste your questions into one of Typeform’s beautiful test templates for assessing students, job candidates, and teams.

The tool also lets you automate scoring, provide feedback, add visuals & GIFs to your tests, set up notifications, and leverage quick reporting to analyze test performance. You can also add branching/skip logic to your tests, though this feature doesn’t work on mobile devices. 


  • Easy to Create: Start typing, and Typeform will anticipate your questions.
  • Automated grading: Automate scoring and grading 
  • Live Preview: Always know how your Typeform looks with Live Preview.
  • Templates: Build beautiful, cross-device online tests using your themes or pick a template.
  • Logic Jump: Create personalized question paths.
  • Question types: Create tests with different types of questions, such as multiple-choice, picture choice, Yes/No, Dropdown, essay-type, etc.
  • Integrations: Typeform integrates with Google Sheets, HubSpot, MailChimp, Trello, and more.


+ Excellent, intuitive user interface with a beautiful design 

+ Responds well on all screen sizes

+ Easy to use and deploy


The process of creating quizzes requires too many steps

Limited question types compared to other test makers

The icon menu seems confusing

The number of responses on the basic plan is limited

Pricing: Starts at $25/month (billed annually)

9. ClassMarker


ClassMarker is yet another online test maker software that offers secure, professional web-based online testing solutions for business, training & educational assessments. it’s easy to use and offers several customization options. it’s widely used globally by businesses & enterprises to create training tests, pre-employment assessments, lead generation quizzes, online courses, e-learning modules, practice tests & more.

ClassMarker lets you create several types of questions, including multiple-choice, matching, essay, audio/video, and more. It also has many top test-making settings, including question shuffling, time limits, test privacy settings, instant feedback, and website test embedding.


  • No Software Installation: Create online tests on the web-based software without software installation or coding knowledge.
  • Secure & Private: Create secure online exams & assessments with advanced quiz settings such as time limits, public & private test access, randomized questions, and more.
  • Deliver Your Tests, Your Way: Save individual user details at the beginning of the test or register user groups with individual login credentials.
  • Branding: Add your brand’s logo and colors to your quiz. 
  • Certificates & Feedback: Award test takers with custom completion certificates featuring their names and scores and provide personalized feedback to help them learn and improve.
  • Sell & Earn: You can select to charge users to take your online tests, so you can sell quizzes online and receive payments instantly.
  • Automated Results: Enable automated scoring to get instant results.


+ Easy to use and cost-effective

+ Lets you group similar kinds of learners

+ Offers numerous settings for online assessments


The certificate templates could be better.

Creating Math problems isn’t easy with this tool

Pricing: Starts at $39.95/month for business and $19.95/month for education. Free plan available for education.

10. Top Hat


Top Hat is online testing software that makes teaching fun and effective. This unique lecture tool can conduct proctored tests & exams, track attendance, present interactive slides, and manage classroom discussions. 

Using Top Hat, you can easily engage your learners using 14 question types. This includes the file submission functionality, where you ask test takers to respond by uploading PDFs, slide presentations, spreadsheets, etc. You can also automate the grading, give real-time feedback, and automatically upload test results to your LMS. 


  • No Software Installation: No need for any software downloads or separate applications.
  • Easily to Build: Use 14 interactive question types to build your tests.
  • Marketplace: Access import-free, ready-to-use questions from the Top Hat marketplace.
  • Instant Grading: Auto-grade tests and immediately notify students of their performance.
  • Reports: Review results to gauge comprehension and identify students who need additional support.
  • Flexible Settings: Set the bar for acceptable browser behavior. Use a proctor report to lock out students suspected of cheating.
  • Proprietary Algorithms: Automatically identify when students are cheating and lock them out of the test.
  • Unauthorized Access: Allow access to test only with a unique code that the instructor auto-generates.


+ Easy to use for both students and teachers

+ Helps make classroom learning interesting and fun with polls

+ Has a very well-designed grade book


Not a good option for creating Math tests 

Occasional glitches 

Pricing: Free and paid plans. Paid plans start at $14.

11. SpeedExam


SpeedExam is one of the most comprehensive online test & exam portals in terms of the number of functionalities it packs in. It’s the ideal assessment solution for employee training, certification, campus hiring drives, and educational assessments.

It lets you create ten different types of questions, including popular types, such as multiple-choice, checkbox, fill-in-the-blanks, matching, essay, etc., and in highly engaging formats, such as drag & match, scenario-based questions, and video/audio questions. It also lets you enable live and video proctoring to prevent cheating. 


  • Concurrent Test Takers: Conduct tests for thousands of test-takers simultaneously.
  • Test Taker Tracking: Keep track of test takers taking a test, completing it, or dropping out of it. Get details, such as the number of attempts, location, IP address, device name, and more. 
  • Multilingual: Translate user interface text in the most used languages.
  • Question Types: Create closed-ended & open-ended questions in 10 question formats. Add answer explanations and question tags. 
  • Theme Builder: Design custom themes that go well with your brand identity. 
  • Question Difficulty Analysis: Get detailed statistics to analyze the difficulty level of questions and topics.
  • Cheating Prevention: Prevent cheating with live and recorded video proctoring. Warn test takers who cheat via live chat or pause or terminate the test. 
  • Certificate Maker: Award custom certificates using 100+ certificate templates.


+ Lots of useful features for conducting secure exams

+ You can import questions from a spreadsheet

+ You can get insightful performance reports that show test makers’ strengths & weaknesses


Adding images to questions isn’t easy 

The UI can be improved a bit to be more user-friendly 

Pricing: Both free and premium plans are available. Premium plans start at $20/month (billed annually).

12. AhaSlides


With AhaSlides, you can easily create engaging online tests for any subject and test thousands of students. It offers a range of interactive question types, from multiple-choice questions to questions that ask test takers to match pairs or order items correctly. You can add timers to your tests, automate scoring, shuffle answer options, and export results.

AhaSlides has a beautiful and intuitive interface that adds visual appeal to the tests. Plus, you can easily add images and videos to your questions and embed audio clips. One of the best parts about this tool is that it has a library containing over 1,50,000 slide templates and ready questions that you can choose from and import into your test. 


  • Add media: Upload images, PDF, and PowerPoint files and embed YouTube videos
  • Question Types: Create various types of questions in engaging formats 
  • Slide Search: Import ready-to-use tests from the template library
  • Shuffle answers: Discourage answer copying by randomizing the order of answer options
  • Results Export: Get detailed results in an Excel or PDF file
  • Automatic scoring: Automate scoring to save time and effort 


+ Easy to use 

+ Beautiful user interface

+ Handy templates library 

+ Fun and interactive question types 


The free plan only allows up to 7 live participants 

It has fewer test-making features than other test maker software

It doesn’t let you implement many cheating prevention measures 

Pricing: Both free and premium plans are available. Premium plans start at $7.95/month (billed annually).

13. Testportal



Serving over 2.5 million business and educational users, Testportal is one of the most established online testing platforms. From recruitment tests to professional training quizzes, it’s ideal for creating any type of assessments under the sun. 

Besides the usual test-making functionalities, such as automated grading, multiple question types, etc, Testportal also offers a highly unique feature. You can integrate the tool with Microsoft Teams and use the Testportal app within the web-conferencing platform. It is super handy if you’re using Microsoft Teams for recruitment, professional training, sales or customer service team evaluation, etc. 


  • Question Types: Create multiple types of questions, such as multiple-choice, open-ended/essay questions, and more. Create math, engineering or chemistry questions with the equation editor.
  • Feedback & Grading: Automate grading and feedback. Provide comments right after the test ends. 
  • Result Analytics: Get the insights you need to make informed decisions by accessing advanced and comprehensive analytics. 
  • Integration: You can use Testportal inside Microsoft Teams to get the best of both worlds.
  • Multilingual: Testportal supports all languages. Test learners and job candidates from any cultural background. 
  • Proctoring & Security: Randomize question order, add time limits, control reattempts, and proctor remotely with Honest Respondent Technology, which monitors the test-taker’s tab movements during the test.


+ Scalable testing solution 

+ Easy test-sharing options 

+ Robust reporting and analytics

+ Integrates with Microsoft Teams 


– Some of the best features are available in the paid plans only

The tool doesn’t come with a question bank 

Pricing: Both free and premium plans are available for educational institutions, with the premium plans starting at $39/per year. The pricing for businesses starts at $29/per month (billed annually).

14. Nearpod 


Nearpod is one of the best interactive learning platforms and test creators for teachers. It makes teachers’ job easier by letting them create slide-based interactive lessons, interactive videos, gamified learning activities, and formative assessment tests. 

Using Nearpod’s formative assessment tool, teachers can create nine types of questions/activities, including multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blanks, matching, drag & drop, and open-ended questions. The free online quiz maker for teachers provides real-time feedback and post-test reports to reveal insights into student learning.


  • Question Types: Create multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blanks, matching, drag & drop, and open-ended questions.
  • Polls: Conduct polls to get student opinions, gauge learning progress, and spark productive discussions.
  • Draw It: Make learning more engaging by employing an interactive whiteboard where students can draw and type. 
  • Time to Climb: Assess students’ learning with fun, gamified quizzes available in the resources library.
  • Automated Grading: Automate grading to save time and get instant results. 
  • Reports: Get insightful reports to understand students’ learning progress.


+ Excellent test generating software for delivering engaging learning 

+ Instant, automated grading 

+ Access ready-to-use gamified learning tests 


You can only conduct formative assessments with this tool. It’s not suitable for conducting exams.

Limited number of question types

There’s a bit of a learning curve 

Pricing: Both free and premium plans are available. Premium plans start at $159/year.

15. Google Forms


While better known as survey software, Google Forms also lets you create effective tests for business or education. You must create a form, type in your questions, save it, and add answer keys. When learners take the test, the scoring is collated in a spreadsheet. 

You can use this spreadsheet to manually grade the tests or install the Google Forms plugin Flubaroo to automate the process. The plugin instantly calculates students’ total scores and presents them on a spreadsheet. Tests created with this free online test creator can be easily taken on mobile devices.


  • Question Types: Google Forms lets you create nine types of questions, including multiple-choice, checkbox, file upload, and more. 
  • Question Shuffling: Randomize the order of questions in a test to discourage cheating.
  • Feedback: Provide personalized feedback to learners once they complete a test. Add images, videos, and links to feedback.
  • Customization: Add a theme to customize the look and feel of your tests. You can also include a photo header. 
  • Branching: Present only certain test sections to the learners based on their answers. 
  • Reporting: Track average score, difficult questions, number of attempts, frequently missed questions, and more. 
  • Collaboration: Share tests with all stakeholders to collaborate on test creation.


+ Easy to use

+ Good feedback mechanism 

+ Easy collaboration on test creation 


Lacks advanced anti-cheating settings 

There are no test templates in Google Forms

Pricing: Free plan and premium plans are available. Premium plans start at $6/user/month

16. Kahoot


Like Nearpod, Kahoot is another excellent platform for gamifying learning and making it more engaging. It’s suitable for both education and employee training and lets you create two types of questions — multiple-choice and open-ended. 

Kahoot is simple to use and works on both web browsers and mobile apps. You can choose whether to ask learners to take the test in real-time or in a self-paced way. Kahoot hosts an extensive quiz database that you can leverage to create your tests in minutes.


  • Question Types: Create multiple-choice and open-ended questions.
  • Quiz Database: Access ready-made tests and questions on various topics to create your tests quickly and easily.
  • Host Live: Host tests via video conferencing. Have questions & answers displayed on a shared screen and have students submit answers on their devices.
  • Reporting: Access useful reports featuring statistics. Download reports to a spreadsheet. 
  • Easy Sharing: Share tests using Microsoft Teams and learner groups. 


+ Great tool for making learning more engaging

+ Share tests easily using Microsoft Teams

+ Import questions from a question bank 


– Basic testing functionalities 

– There are no anti-cheating settings 

Pricing: Available on request 

17. PaperShala


PaperShala is an online platform for educational institutions, coaching institutes, and businesses looking for a streamlined way to conduct tests and exams. Designed to provide a seamless testing experience to test administrators and learners, it has separate panels/dashboards for both. 

Administrators can use the admin panel to easily schedule and assign tests. At the same time, learners can hop on their dashboard to check their results categorized by subjects & class and also look at their overall performance.


  • Powerful Admin Panel: The admin panel lets you control all functions related to conducting tests, such as adding/deleting users, changing login passwords, adding/deleting tests, setting up notifications, and more. 
  • Student Dashboard: Learners can use the student dashboard to check results, overall performance, number of tests attempted, passed & failed, and more.
  • Multifunctional Question Bank: You can create a question bank and upload your questions. Then, you can use the question bank to manually or automatically select questions for your tests.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: PaperShala works great on all devices, such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. 
  • Test Scheduling: Once you’ve created a test, you can make it available on a particular date.
  • Instant Results: You can choose whether or not to present the test results to the learners immediately after the test ends.
  • Resume Tests: All answers are saved in real-time, ensuring that test takers don’t lose their progress in case of a power failure. 
  • Proctoring & Anti-Cheating Features: Shuffle questions & answer options, enable live video and image proctoring, prevent tab switching 


+ Easy to use 

+ Supports rich text and mathematical formulae

+ Good anti-cheating features 


Doesn’t offer pre-designed tests or questions 

Doesn’t offer certification functionality

Pricing: Free and premium plans are available. The pricing for premium plans is available on request.

18. QuestionPro


Another survey software that doubles as a quiz maker, QuestionPro is a great test making tool for teachers looking for a simple and intuitive platform to build and deploy formative assessment tests. It lets you create 25+ types of questions with branching logic and conduct your tests online or create printed versions. 

You can schedule your tests by setting a test date/time and assigning the tests to students via email lists. This teacher quiz maker also lets you automate the grading, track completed and pending tests, and collaborate with other instructors via a shareable dashboard.


  • Easy test building: Create all types of tests easily, including math tests. Get started quickly with customizable templates.
  • Branching logic: Add branching or skip logic to your tests to provide a personalized learning experience.
  • Smart Scorekeeping: Assign different scores to different questions and automate the grading process. 
  • Test Scheduling: Set up a test to go out to an email list of students at a scheduled time.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Provide learners the flexibility to take tests on any device, such as a computer, a tablet, or a mobile device. 
  • Test Taker Tracking: Track test progress in real-time using a unique ID.
  • Shareable Dashboard: Collaborate and share information by sharing the progress dashboard with learners and other stakeholders.


+ Easy-to-use user interface

+ Various question types 

+ Handy dashboard 

+ White labeling 


Doesn’t have a question library 

Doesn’t offer a certification facility

Doesn’t have anti-cheating settings

Pricing: Free and paid plans. Paid plans start at $99/month (billed annually). 

19. GoSchooler


GoSchooler is a school management system with excellent test-making functionalities and a teacher-friendly dashboard. Using its question bank feature, you can create tests to complement its online courses. A handy tool for academic testing, it also lets you add math and chemical equations to your tests. 

GoSchooler lets you easily track results, review performance, and schedule tests to keep everything organized. You can create new tests quickly by adding your questions to pre-designed test templates. You can also provide real-time feedback to learners to help them self-learn.


  • Templates: Create tests quickly using customisation templates. 
  • Test Scheduling: Set test date and duration and assign tests to test takers.
  • Real-Time Feedback: Enhance the online learning experience by providing real-time test feedback. 
  • Question Bank: Create a question bank and use it to design your tests quickly.
  • User Management: Track completed and pending tests. 
  • Certificates: Design and print certificates.
  • Test Timer: Add a timer to your tests to make them more challenging and reduce cheating 


+ All-in-one school management system

+ Create tests easily using templates 

+ Create a question bank


Limited anti-cheating functionalities

Limited question types

Pricing: Available on request 

20. Pointerpro


Pointerpro is an excellent tool for conducting training assessments and personality tests to improve the effectiveness of employee training programs. This test maker software lets you create tests with custom scoring that you can use to personalize training feedback and make your training courses more interactive and engaging.

Like other best online test maker software, Pointerpro provides detailed reporting to track and analyze learning progress accurately. But it also has a test taker anonymity feature that makes its reporting unique. In some cases, anonymously taking tests can remove employees’ fear of failure, delivering better assessment results. 


  • Scoring & Calculation: You can assign custom scores to questions to get a total score or score per section at the end of the test. 
  • Personalized Feedback: Provide personalized feedback based on the score in the test results, along with information about which questions were correctly or incorrectly answered. 
  • Branding & While-Labeling: Remove Pointerpro’s branding from the tests and replace it with your branding.
  • Multi-User management: Create different teams and assign seven different roles for streamlined user management.
  • Anonymity: Anonymize test-takers to remove the fear of failure and enhance the test experience for the learners.
  • Reporting: Provide detailed reports to test takers that they can export to PDF to peruse at their convenience.


+ User-friendly layout 

+ Beautiful PDF reports

+ Mobile-friendly 

+ Create question pools and select questions randomly from them


Needs more styling options 

No anti-cheating features 

Pricing: Starts at $49/month (billed annually)

Ready to Pick the Best Test Builder Software?

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