How Do Interactive Quizzes Enhance Learning & Assessment?

Interactive Quizzes

I always wonder if teachers think to themselves, “How much do my students already know about this topic” before they begin teaching a particular topic to their students.

I hope they really do for the simple reason that it will help them shape their teaching strategy. And, an effortless way to understand this, is assigning your students an online interactive quiz.

Interactive quizzes ask a series of interactive questions to students that assess how much they know on a particular topic. Assigning interactive quizzes is much more fun and exciting way for your students to engage in the classroom, and plays to their curiosity.

Back in the 90s, when I was a kid, I often used to see my teachers struggling to manage assessments in a class of about 60-70 students.

Things used to get difficult when after a class test students would dump all their test papers on the teacher’s desk. It would result in a mountain of test papers which they had to later carry with themselves for grading.

It would take teachers about a week to grade all the online tests, come up with the results and reports.

Cut to the 2000s...

The situation is still the same. Teachers still struggle with assessing their students and enhance learning for students with different learning capabilities. But, the only difference that appears is in methods & resources.

Today, effective assessment and learning enhancement depend on the methods & resources used. Education technology and e-Learning tools have entered the learning & teaching space and have made the lives of teachers & educators easier.

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One of such tools in the sphere of e-Learning which has paved the way for effective assessment and enhanced learning are interactive quizzes.

What Is an Interactive Quiz?

An interactive quiz is a knowledge test centered around a particular topic. An interactive quiz aims to not only measure knowledge levels but also to initiate conversation and enable equal exchange of information.

The answers come with instant feedback and remarks that are valuable. They are interesting as the quiz takers don’t have to wait for the results to arrive or tally up their points like a paper-based test.

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How to Create an Interactive Quiz

There’s no particular quiz format or method for creating an interactive online quiz. You have to follow the standard rules and create interesting quizzes based on the type of quiz you want to create. But there are certain tips that come in handy while creating different types of interactive quizzes like interactive quiz games, learning quiz or interactive trivia games.

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Remember the following points to make a perfect interactive quiz:

✔ Begin with a Catchy Title: 

First things first, you need to begin your quiz with a catchy title. Probably something that raises curiosity among your students. Research before you settle for a title. Look up articles that suggest how to create a catchy title for your quiz. Your quiz title should make students want to take up the test.

For example, if you’re creating a Geography quiz about Amazon Jungle, avoid using titles like:

⇒ Amazon Jungle Quiz

⇒ Geography Knowledge Quiz- Amazon Jungle

Instead, use titles like:

 ⇒ “How much do you know about the Amazon Jungle.”

 ⇒ “Find out if you know enough to survive in the Amazon.”

The former set of quiz questions is obviously boring and sounds typical, while the second set of questions is definitely exciting.

✔ Set Background Image Resonating with the Topic:

Another thing to remember is to add a background image to your interactive quiz. This is not a very necessary action to take, and you can make do without it. But, adding a background image that resonates with the topic will make your quiz more appealing.

For example, if you’re creating a quiz about countries, you can set the background image to that of the world map.

✔ Ask Multiple Choice Questions:

Here is the real deal. Nothing makes a test or a quiz more interactive than multiple-choice questions. You ask a question, give three to four choices for answers, and that’s where you start a conversation.

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Multiple-choice questions are easier to answer and require less time. You can even add an audio or video to multiple-choice questions.

✔ Automate Grading:

Once you’re done adding questions to your quiz, you can automate the scores or grades for all the right answers. Automated grading is one incredibly amazing way to make your quiz interactive.

Automate Grading

Whenever a student attempts a question and gets the correct answer, the scores or grades assigned to that question will instantly appear. This instant score or grade will keep the quiz moving faster and won’t kill students’ curiosity.

✔ Provide Explanations for Correct Answers:

Right after you automate grades & scores for right answers, add explanations for correct answers and wrong answers as well. Adding explanations for answers, be it correct or incorrect, helps students remember that information for a longer period, and the students look forward to learning like this.

✔ Provide Instant Feedback:

Providing instant feedback on every question that is attempted is a great way to boost interactive learning through quizzes. For every correct answer you can give feedback like:

You got that right” or “Seems like you’ve prepared well.”

For every wrong answer, you can attach a link within your feedback. For example, in a geography quiz, if a student gets the answer wrong about a particular topic, you can frame your feedback like this:

Oops! That’s a wrong pick. Revise the topic “Biodiversity” and attempt again.”

✔ Provide Personalized Instant Results:

Now, this may seem very much like providing instant feedback but its not the same. Instant results mean revealing the total scores of students at the completion of the quiz. All the scores should appear as soon as the quiz is completed.

It will give students the time to start revising the topics again without having to wait for the final result. You can personalize these results by adding a remark based upon the scores of students.

For example, in a quiz of 20 marks, if student A scores 18/20, you can give a remark like- “Well done, keep up the good work.” If student B scores below 10, you can give a remark like- “You need to practice more.”

✔ Issue Completion Certificates:

Quiz Completion Certificates

Provide completion certificates with your students' scores on it. This is one way to boost your students' morale after they've completed the test. It'll have them looking forward to more quizzes. Assigning certificates is another great way to boost interaction through quizzes. Certificates display the students’ names, their scores and sometimes the rank which the students like to show off. In order to do so, they interact with each other for the exchange of ideas.

How Interactive Quizzes Promote a Culture of Learning

Interactive quizzes have been known to improve learner engagement while promoting self-assessment among students. The following points sum-up how they promote a culture of learning in different ways.

✔ Keep Students Attentive While Playing to Their Curiosity:

Quizzes, especially weekly quizzes, keep the students looking forward to them. When fun & interactive quizzes are involved, students will always look forward to them. These quizzes directly contribute to their curiosity and increase their attention span enhancing their overall performance.

This way quizzes give them a chance to self-assess their performance and compare it with their peers.

✔ Provide Additional Insights:

When quizzes are created using quiz maker software, all the reports are auto-generated, and the results are stored on a cloud-based system. These reports & statistics provide teachers with additional insight into:

⇒ how much time a student has spent on each question

⇒ number of questions a student has attempted

⇒ whether a student has left a quiz and come back

This, in turn, helps teachers to provide better feedback to students, or to adjust teaching and assessment accordingly.

✔ Create a Feedback Loop for Students to Ask Questions:

Feedback Loop for Students to Ask Questions:

Regular quizzes that provide immediate feedback on their responses including links to lessons or topics that they need to revise creates a feedback loop for students to ask questions.

✔ Instantly Evaluate Knowledge Levels:

Online quizzes are auto-graded and give instant feedback with instant results. Instant results trigger instant knowledge evaluation, ensuring that there’s no wastage of time. As soon as the students are updated with their results, they can run a self-analysis and go back to revising topics that they’re weak at.

✔ Gauge Individual Student Learning Ability:

Every student is different, and everyone has different learning capabilities. Some learn through visuals; some are good at responding to audio questions, while some are good at writing lengthy essay type answers.

Since quizzes can be designed with a mix of question types, they can be one of the best tools to bring out each student’s learning ability. The reports generated after each quiz present individual learner data like time spent on each question, number of right or wrong attempts, total time taken to finish the quiz, etc. that help gauge individual learning ability. This data can be compared with previous data to see if the student has made any progress.

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Quizzes Boost Interaction & Create More Room for Learning...

By now, you must have realized how quizzes can boost interaction and create more room for learning if you bring fun & creative quiz ideas into action. All you need to do is create an interactive quiz and assign it to your students. Go for an excellent online quiz maker software, and you’ll find numerous quiz examples and quiz templates like multiple choice quiz template, trivia game formats, online quiz games, etc.

So decide on a quiz layout, create the best online quiz design and let the interactions flow.

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