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    When should Increments be shipped?

Scrum is one of the two most popular agile methodologies. Ken Schwaber codeveloped the Scrum process with Jeff Sutherland in the early 1990s to help organizations struggling with complex development projects. The Scrum is based...

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    Which one of the following is not a Scrum role?

Steady transfer and safety of information are what most organizations strive to have and that is why they opt to have the best software for that. The scrum master manages the process for how information is exchanged and allows...

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    Which technique is a productive method for the ScrumMaster to use to help facilitate communication between the Team and Product Owner?

Scrum Master Certification Test

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    What is the time box for a sprint?

People in the Information Technology world can easily relate to this path. Basically, scrum is a software development tool whereby different people work on different pieces of the same project. Advance your knowledge below...

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    Which of the following describe an architecture spike?


SCRUM Questions & Answers

What is the Scrum Development Team expected to do during the first sprint?
There are two correct answers to this question, which are B, Build a thin slice of potentially ship-able functionality, and D, Test The Product. A functionality that is potentially shippable is the total amount of items delivered from the Product Bac
What could be the duration of Daily scrum if a Development team has only 3 members?
I disagree with this answer. It's true the development team can achieve daily scrum earlier than 15 min.But the problem is that in your answer, "per team's decision", you suppose they can also run daily scrum with a duration over than 15 mi
What will happen if the product owner is not available during a sprint?
Scrum is a way to build products because it manages and controls this process. One of the roles in a scrum is called product owner. This role is responsible for determining the characteristics that are included in a product release. This role is for
When is a Sprint Backlog item considered complete?
B is the answer to this question. How will you say that things are done when you are sure that there are still one or two things that have not been resolved just yet? To say that something is done means that it should be done completely and the next
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