Rate Quizzes & Trivia

A quiz to test students' ability to analyze and solve problems on motion which includes concepts of distance, rate or speed, and time.

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    Two people started from the same point at the same time and traveled in opposite directions. One traveled at 60 mph and the other at 40 mph. How long will it take before the two people are 500 miles apart?

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    The patient is prescribed 1500 mL of mixture to be infused in 8 hours using an infusion set device that delivers 15 gtt/mL. Determine the flow rate in mL per hour.

Pulse rate and volume

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    Averagel pulse rate for adult female

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    What is the purpose of rate of sale?

Assesses and reinforces the student's understanding and ability to calculate rates of change.

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    Tom gets paid $5 per hour.  What will he earn for 20 hours work?

Rate Questions & Answers

What is the difference between YTM and Coupon rates?
The YTM is also known as the rate of return, which is estimated on the bond that will usually last until the maturity date. The YTM will also make sure that the percentage of the value of the bond will be correctly expressed. The coupon rate is the a
What is the difference between Yield & Coupon Rate?
In accounting, there are two words that may be heard. They are the yield and coupon rate. Both of these words are different in their meaning and how they are used when talking about investments. However, they are related to one another, but they are
What will government likely do if Singapore is facing a recession?
Devaluation of Singapore dollar because it can increase export revenueOption (a) is correct because depreciation of Singapore dollar will decrease the price of export goods and make them more price competitive. Hence, this helps to increase export re
What will happen if Singapore dollar appreciates? (assuming demand for export and import goods is price elastic)
Price of import goods will become relatively cheaperOption (a) is incorrect because price of import goods will become relatively cheaper. Since demand for import goods is price elastic, quantity of import goods bought will increase more than proporti