Oliver Reed Quizzes & Trivia

During his height in the ‘70s he was rated the fifth most popular star at the box office – do you know a thing or two about the great Oliver Reed? Beginning as an uncredited film extra, Oliver Reed traveled up the ladder of success to eventually become one of The Three Musketeers. He played war hero Hannibal Brooks, a fur trapper and even dabbled in music.

From releasing his own album to honoring The Who in the musical tribute Tommy, Oliver proved his passion for music along with his talent for acting. Do you know the story behind the scars on his face? Are you up to speed on the changes that his death had on the script for Gladiator? Take this fun trivia on the great Oliver Reed and show us what a film buff you really are.

Oliver Reed was an acclaimed British actor, who had a career spanning to more than 30 years. He also loved partying and drinking excessively, which at the same time amazed his friends and fellow actors and horrified his fans. So,...

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    When was he born?

An English actor by name Olive Reed has being nominated for series of award, he is known for his upper middle class, hellraiser lifestyle, macho and tough guy roles, he has been features in many film which include; Tommy, the...

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    Which year was Oliver Reed born?