Karan Singh Grover Quizzes & Trivia

Karan Singh Grover is an Indian actor and model who has appeared in numerous TV shows and films. Can you think of Karan’s most famous TV roles? One of Karan’s most famous film roles was in the movie Alone. In addition to his acting, Karan is one of the most famous Indian models ever, and promotes several different brands.

Did you know that Karan has been married twice, both ending in divorce? In 2014, he was awarded FHM’s bachelor of the year. Because he is a fan favorite, especially among females, Karan is constantly mobbed wherever he goes, prompting his need for extra security. Are you a Karan Singh Grover fanatic like we are? Prove it! Take our Karan Singh Grover quizzes now!

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  • Sample Question
    When was KSG born?

Karan Grover is a one in a million movie star known across India and has appeared in various Bollywood movies. Karan is a star of India, is he also your star?

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  • Sample Question
    What is the title of the first film he starred in?

The world has seen a lot of people, but Karan is one gem of an actor and model that stands out. He is fondly known for his great presence in the Indian media and film industry, staring in various films like Alone and Hate Story,...

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  • Sample Question
    In which month does he celebrates he birthday?