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Hadeeth Questions and Answers

  • What was the Prophet (sall Allaahu alaihi wa sallam) doing when the unknown man appeared?

  • When we say the shahaadah, why do we combine saying Laa ilaaha ill allaah (There is nothing worthy of worship except Allaah) with saying Muhammad ur rasool ullaah (Muhammad is the Messenger of Allaah)?

  • The zakaah (obligatory payment of wealth) can only be given to 8 causes mentioned in soorah At Tawbah of the Quraan. (Not all those eligible for zakaah payment are poor so charity is not the best translation for the zakaah!) Which 3 of these causes are NOT covered in the list of 8?

  • Zakaah and Hajj are also pillars of Islam, but are not mentioned in this hadeeth. What are the possible reasons for this? (Tick/check the three correct answers)

  • Choose the correct answer.

  • Is it possible to enter Paradise without doing anything further to the four things mentioned in this hadeeth?

  • This hadeeth tells us that every day, every joint of our bodies must give in charity so only wealthy Muslims can do this; the poor are deficient.

  • Judging fairly between two people who are disputing is charity. What can we say about this statement?

  • Helping someone onto his mount is charity. Tick/check all the correct statement:

  • What does it mean to Be mindful of Allaah? (Tick/check all correct answers)

  • The pen mentioned in Hadeeth 19: (There is more than one correct option. Mark them all.

  • Which of these can we learn from the narrations of this hadeeth. Tick/check all the correct options.