Soal Present Perfect Continuous Tense

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Soal Present Perfect Continuous Tense - Quiz

Klik start untuk mulai mengerjakan. Untuk soal nomer 1-5, kalian diharuskan melengkapi pada bagian yang kosong dengan pilihan yang tersedia. Sedangkan untuk soal nomer 6-10, kalian harus memperbaiki dan ubahlah soal yang tersedia menjadi present perfect continuous tense.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    She ..... English since 2010
    • A. 

      Have been learning

    • B. 

      Has been learning

  • 2. 
    My father ..... visiting Bali for a year
    • A. 

      Have been

    • B. 

      Has been

  • 3. 
    ..... have been living in Jakarta since 2008
    • A. 

      My friends

    • B. 

      My friend

  • 4. 
    ..... have been watching TV for two hours
    • A. 

      The Boy

    • B. 

      The Children

  • 5. 
    All of my friends ..... in the Lake
    • A. 

      Have been swimming

    • B. 

      Have been swiming

  • 6. 
    The Scientist mixes the formula
    • A. 

      The Scientist has been mixing the formula

    • B. 

      The Scientist has been mixxing the formula

  • 7. 
    My friend and I do a great job
    • A. 

      My friend and I has been doing a great job

    • B. 

      My friend and I have been doing a great job

  • 8. 
    He sleeps
    • A. 

      He has been sleeping

    • B. 

      He has been sleepping

  • 9. 
    The old women study Grammar
    • A. 

      The old women has been studying Grammar

    • B. 

      The old women have been studying Grammar

  • 10. 
    The thief will have been stealing much money in the Bank
    • A. 

      The thief has been stealing much money in the bank

    • B. 

      The thief have been stealling much money in the bank

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