Do You Really Know Horse Terms?

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FOR THE QUIZ I WILL NOT SAY, " WHAT DOES ---------- MEAN", I WILL JUST PUT A WORD AND YOU WILL CHOOSE WHAT IT MEANS. Do you really know as much as you think you do about horses. Well, take this quiz to find out. Don't worry if you get one wrong its kind-of hard!

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    Above the bit
    • A. 

      The bit slides out of the horses mouth.

    • B. 

      The horse carries its head high to avoid the pressure of the bit. Reducing the riders control.

    • C. 

      Horse throws his or hers head to make the bit move.

    • D. 

      The bit is to small so the horse carries his or hers head high.

  • 2. 
    Brood mare
    • A. 

      A mare used specifically for riding

    • B. 

      A mare used specifically for showing

    • C. 

      A mare used specifically for cart pulling

    • D. 

      A mare used specifically for breeding

  • 3. 
    When a rider asks for a trot, canter, etc. It is called a(n)_________
  • 4. 
    Write 1-8 sentences on what a, square hault, is.
  • 5. 
    • A. 

      Mother of a horse

    • B. 

      Father of a horse

    • C. 

      The son of a horse

    • D. 

      The daughter of a horse

  • 6. 
    • A. 

      A horse that pulls on the lead rope when it grazes

    • B. 

      A low walking or trotting action

    • C. 

      A horse that likes to graze

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