What is the best online quiz maker software?

According to the leading marketing website Adweek, quizzes are the most viral shared content you can use to grow your audience.

If you’re a business, no matter what scale, a considerable amount of your success depends on how your customers perceive your products or services. So, asking questions from your customers is important for a few obvious reasons, such as-

  • determining the expectations
  • determining the satisfaction level
  • determining your product’s growth trajectory

Luckily, there’s a fun way to ask questions and that is a quiz. Or you can say it is the best way to engage your audience and get them to answer a few questions.

Additionally, online quizzes can alert you when your consumer is finally ready to buy.

What’s more, online quizzes can help you understand your users better, and that way, you can create better relationships with them.

However, choosing the right tool to create the best quizzes that will help drive the best long-term results is something that requires good research.

So, to help you navigate through the entire process easily and make your choice confidently, we compiled the top 10 online quiz maker tools for 2022 and beyond. Go through each of them and see which one can best meet your learning and development needs.

Top 10 best online quiz maker tools and the major features they offer:

10 Best Quiz Maker Tools
Top Features
ProProfs Quiz Maker
  • World’s simplest way to create online quizzes
  • 100,000+ ready-to-use questions
  • 100+ themes & templates to create beautiful quizzes
  • 100+ settings - configure your quizzes our way
  • Automated grading & scoring
  • Delightful reports & analytics

Get Started Free (Pricing- starts at $0.25/quiz taker/month)

Survey Anyplace
  • Quality question types & features
  • Illustrious incentive widgets
  • Quirky quiz capabilities
  • Delightful design features
  • Automatic scoring
  • Personalized Thank You pages
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Multi-lingual
  • Real-time results
  • Compare
  • Create campaigns in any language
  • Multi-Page Forms
  • Real-time analytics
Survey Monkey
  • Three individual plans to suit different needs
  • User specific templates
  • Secured platform for enterprise solutions
Survey Gizmo
  • Easy to use
  • Complete branding control
  • Over 28 question types
  • Email notifications & form posts
  • 400+ templates
  • CSS customization
  • Customized form close message
Ask Nicely
  • Leaderboards
  • Automated reporting
  • Responder social profiles
  • Customized response alerts
  • Drag & drop editor
  • Styling settings
  • Extensive design options
  • Page overview
Microsoft Forms
  • Creating quizzes
  • Collecting feedback
  • Process automation, and custom mobile apps.
Form Crafts
  • Math logic for making order forms, quizzes.
  • Auto-save form progress
  • Over 20+ form fields
  • Unlimited forms and surveys can be created with the free account
  • Free API
  • Data Export options

Now, let’s dig deeper into these tools to find out what’s in the package:

1.ProProfs Quiz Maker Software

ProProfs Quiz Maker Software

ProProfs Quiz Maker software is one of the top-rated online quiz platforms to make online quizzes. The ease of creating and sharing quizzes has earned it the tag of being the world’s simplest online quiz software.

You may use it as a math quiz creator, a facebook quiz creator, or a personality quiz creator based on your requirements.

ProProfs is also counted amongst the top 10 quiz sites to take online quizzes as it hosts some of the most popular online quizzes.


  • ProProfs Quiz Templates 100+ Ready-to-Use Templates

    100+ professionally built quiz templates - both scored & personality to create quizzes in under five minutes.

  • ProProfs Quiz Question Bank Question Bank

    A pool of 100,000+ ready-to-use questions on different topics. This feature has earned it the tag of best online quiz maker for teachers.

  • Automated Grading Quizzes Automated Grading

    ProProfs offers you the ability to pre-assign grades to correct answers. Saves time & effort!

  • White Label Lead Quizzes White-Label Quizzes

    Give your quizzes the look you want with your logo, background, color schemes, etc.

  • Quiz Completion Certificates Completion Certificates

    Customize certificates with your company logo and issue them to quiz takers automatically.

  • Lead Generation Quizzes Lead Forms

    Capture quiz-taker information using lead generation quizzes, including name, mobile number, email, etc. using a customizable lead form.

Smart integrations

ProProfs Quiz Maker integrates seamlessly with a number of third-party tools, including:

2.Survey Anyplace

Survey Anyplace  Build Online Interactive Quizzes

Survey Anyplace is a great tool to build online interactive quizzes and surveys.

This quiz and survey builder lets you engage with your audience in your own unique way. It helps you retain your brand identity and create a unique quizzing experience with the help of its personalization features. The survey takers can also download a personalized PDF report with individual feedback based on their responses.

Marketing professionals, customer service professionals, teachers/trainers, sales professionals, or anyone who needs to collect insights from their audience in the most engaging way can choose Survey Anyplace for the best results.


✓   Leaderboard

Display quiz scores on the leaderboard so the quiz takers can see and compare their scores to peers.

✓   Quiz Timer

Limit quiz-takers time for answering each question. Decide if you want to display the timer and questions that can be skipped.

✓   Question Pool

Group your questions together and specify how many questions from the pool should be shown to each quiz taker.

✓   Question Randomization

Shuffle the order in which questions are displayed in each set of quiz available to quiz takers. This will help you in preventing cheating.

✓   Outcomes Screen

Display quiz takers’ scores on a final screen. This feature is available only for Professional and Enterprise plans.


  • Survey Anyplace easily integrates with your favorite web services using Zapier. Survey Anyplace integrates with Infusionsoft, Salesforce, Vtiger CRM, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, and more.
Pricing - Starts at $33/month/400 monthly responses



With Survey Sparrow’s online quiz maker platform, you can turn video surveys, conversational forms, or chat surveys into interactive online quizzes. Use video surveys to set a background for your quiz, add a variety of question types with conversational forms, or use the chat surveys to have a chat-like experience. It offers an executive dashboard that enables you to to manage all the activities from one place.


✓   Automatic scoring

Set scores for questions that will be displayed at the end of the quiz.

✓   Personalized Thank You pages

Personalize and add multiple Thank-You pages based on your quiz takers scores.

✓   Mobile-friendly

Let your quiz takers take quizzes anytime, anywhere on smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

✓   Multi-lingual

Set the base quiz in any language and your respondents can take the quiz in their preferred language from the dropdown menu while taking the quiz.

✓   Real-time results

Track your quiz-takers activities and view responses in real-time.

✓   Compare

Use this feature to cross-tabulate answers and filter information using advanced reports filters.

✓   Themes & Templates

Design elegant and fun quizzes that capture audience attention by adding images or videos of your choice.

✓   App Integrations

Integrate quizzes with third-party applications to automate workflows.

Pricing - Starts at $49/month


Woorsie Quizzes

Woorise allows you to create a wide variety of promotional and marketing campaigns including online quizzes, viral giveaways & contests, forms, surveys or order forms to collect payments.

You can easily build personality, scored or assessment quizzes from a drag and drop interface. It’s flexible, full of customizations and comes with a lot of templates and real time reports.


✓   Build beautiful, cross-device online forms, quizzes, surveys & more
✓   Easy and fast design with a drag and drop builder
✓   Get a quick start with templates
✓   Export data to CSV or excel files
✓   Hundreds of different field types & social actions
✓   Send personalized Email Notifications
✓   Geo Targeting to make your campaign available to specific countries
✓   Conditional Logic
✓   GDPR Compliance


  • Woorise integrates with popular marketing platforms such as Mailchimp, Aweber, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, Google Analytics, Bitly, Zapier, PayPal, Stripe and many more to automatically send the data to the apps you already use.
Pricing - Free up to 500 entries/month. Premium plans start at €29/month


Survey Monkey Quiz Creator Software

SurveyMonkey is primarily a survey builder, as is obvious by its name but you can also use it to create quizzes.

You can easily turn SurveyMonkey surveys into quizzes by adding quiz questions to them. With SurveyMonkey, it is easy to create high-quality, professional quizzes with tools for scoring.

Also, It provides easy quiz analysis, overall score statistics, and individual quiz scores.


✓   GDPR Compliance

Maintain compliance for data security

✓   Auto reminder & thank you emails

Fetch more responses and add a personal touch to your mails

✓   Survey Monkey Anywhere

Collect responses on-the-go even without wi-fi connectivity.

✓   Results Dashboard

Display your data to your stakeholders

✓   Chart color customization

Enjoy more options for your data charts

✓   Filters for custom data & variables

Explore more ways to analyze data without exporting

✓   More data filters

Discover richer insights with more data filters

Pricing - Starts at $21.60/month/3 users


Survey Gizmo Create an Online Quiz

SurveyGizmo is a quiz & survey creating tool enriched with amazing features and a user-friendly interface.

One of the best quiz makers in the market, it offers two versions-

  • For individuals: This version focuses on the ease-of-use
  • For entreprises: This version focuses on customer research


✓   It's easy

Anyone with little to no experience can create an online survey, poll, or website in minutes.

✓   Sophisticated Reporting

Reports that can be easily created by drilling down data and shared with your peers.

✓   Branding Control

Take control of the URL of your surveys, the look, color, and images.

✓   Enterprise Features

Manage multiple users, teams, permissions and roles.


  • Easily integrates with Salesforce and other SaaS products.
Pricing - Starts at $35/month


Wufoo Easy Quiz Maker

This cloud-based form builder from SurveyMonkey (parent organization) is a great tool to create forms, quizzes, and surveys. One of the best online quiz creators in the market, this tool is trusted by Amazon and Disney and has an award-winning interface, easy customization, 400+ templates, & reporting features.

It’s flexible and comes with a lot of templates and customizable reports. The number of responses are limited in the free version. However, there are several other price points that make it a good fit for growing businesses.


✓   Form Builder

The form builder enabled with the drag & drop feature makes it very easy to create forms.

✓   Theme Designer

Decide the look of your form. Use or customize ready-to-go themes or design your own.

✓   Custom Branding

Add your brand’s logo and other elements to your forms.

✓   File Uploads

Collect the files that you might right from your account and access anytime you want.

✓   Real-time Notifications

Get notified via text or an email anytime someone completes a form.

✓   Data Export

Export data to spreadsheets in seconds.


  • Dozens of native integrations, and 1,000+ more to connect your form data with other business tools.
Pricing - Starts at $14 .08/month/user


AskNicely Quiz Platform

AskNicely is a customer feedback form and survey creator that is built around the Net Promoter Score (NPS). If you’re a company that values customer engagement, this tool is definitely for you.

It lets you create a customer-centric culture of continuous feedback in your business. You can automatically collect feedback from every customer at any point in the customer journey on any channel (email, web, SMS) using a flexible short survey format.


✓   Branching Logic

Ask follow-up questions based on NPS scores.

✓   Multi-lingual

Create forms and surveys in multiple languages.

✓   Fully Configurable

Easily customize your forms with your logo and colors.

✓   Triggered Delivery

Set up automatic survey delivery after every event.

✓   Regular Sampling

Set AskNicely to automatically survey a sample of the customers in your CRM every month.


  • Connects to your CRM without any coding and integrates with HubSpot, Salesforce, or Slack and allows you to automate customer follow-up to improve ratings and reviews on sites like Google.
Pricing - Available on request


Brandquiz Online Quiz Program

Brandquiz is a good platform for creating branded quizzes. This free quiz creator offers a range of fun quiz templates that you can use to create quizzes. The quizzes created on this platform are fully responsive and work seamlessly on all content management platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Wix & Weebly.


✓   Flexible Content

Brandquiz offers you a great deal of flexibility with creating your quizzes. That is, it lets you throw in a mix of multiple-choice, image answers, rating items, scoring items, video embeds, signup forms, etc.

✓   Design options

Work with over 60 templates, change page backgrounds, upload images, choose from more than 35 fonts, and more.

✓   Project settings

Configure settings like multiple layouts, multiple outcomes, numeric calculators, page navigation, notification emails, custom end date, and much more.


  • The platform of this interactive quiz maker enables integration with major marketing tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, or MailChimp, to make the most of the data collected.
Pricing - Starts at $19/month/250 submissions

10.Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms Online Quiz System

Microsoft Forms built by Microsoft is an online form builder tool widely used to create surveys, quizzes, and polls. You can use Microsoft Forms to assess student progress and get real-time feedback.

You can create a quiz with questions that are required to be completed, display question hints, and even display students' points and feedback after they complete the quiz, which make for a more interactive learning experience for your students.

It can help streamline, automate, and transform business solutions with rich forms, process automation, and custom mobile apps.


✓   Rich Forms

A number of rich forms to build surveys, quizzes & feedback forms.

✓   Real-time analytics

Get access to detailed reports & summarised quiz information in real-time

✓   Exportable results

Export the quiz results to Microsoft Excel for more in-depth analysis.


Form Crafts Online Quiz Builder

Even though it ranks last on the list of quiz websites, FormCrafts is a very useful online form builder tool to create questionnaires, newsletters, etc. for websites. It is primarily a form builder tool but it can also be used to make quizzes as it supports multi-page formats.

It is listed here as an ideal tool for creating quizzes for its features like real-time analytics, conditional logic, and easy integration with WordPress.


✓   Templates

Innumerable templates to create online forms.

✓   Multi-page forms

Multi-page forms help to create multi-page content like quizzes and surveys

✓   Real-time analytics

Receive real-time information entered in forms.

✓   Special survey fields

Customize your survey forms

✓   WordPress plugin

Easily integrate with WordPress

Pricing - Starts at $15/month/500 submissions


Typeform Quiz Builder Tool

Typeform is one of the most engaging quiz builder tools you can find. It is a versatile data collection tool for professional marketers. Typeform is a kind of online quiz generator that makes asking questions easy & answering refreshing.

It creates quizzes that are intuitive for both the creator & taker.

It can create attractive quizzes and has a responsive interface which has made it a leader in the world of online quizzes and surveys.


✓   Build beautiful, cross-device online forms, surveys & more
✓   Design your themes or use a template
✓   Wide choice of pop-up & embed options
✓   Split-device metrics
✓   Data export (.xls)
✓   Free access to data API
✓   Connect your typeforms with over 250+ services using Zapier
✓   Answer piping
✓   Fully customizable self-notifications (emails)
✓   Fully customizable respondent notifications (emails)
✓   Logic Jump


  • Using Zapier, Typeform can be seamlessly integrated into CRM services like HubSpot. This way, all the data you collect is automatically added to your existing contacts.
Pricing - Starts at $35/month/collect up to 1,000 responses

You’re good to go!

  • I am sure that this list of top 10 quiz software will make your decision to choose the right quiz software a lot easier. While some of them share some common features, each one of them has its own USP. So identify your assessment needs and choose the best online quiz maker that’s cut out to meet your needs perfectly.
  • We’re here for help if you need us. Give us a call at our toll-free number (855) 776-7763, and one of our human support folks will make the job easier.

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