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Top 6 Outgrow Alternatives to Create Engaging Quizzes in 2024

Looking for a fresh twist in your marketing game? Quizzes are your secret sauce! I’ve spent years in digital marketing and SaaS, and I’ve seen tools like Outgrow do wonders. But hey, the world moves fast, and so should your marketing tools. 

On the hunt for the best quiz alternative to Outgrow? 

You’re in the right place! 

I’m here to show you some top-notch alternatives to Outgrow that are not just fun for your audience but also great for boosting your brand and getting the scoop on what your customers love. Ready to shake things up? 

Let’s jump in!

Which Is the Best Alternative to Outgrow?

Before we dive into the full list, let me give you a quick preview of my top picks for quiz tools that give Outgrow a run for its money:

ProProfs Quiz Maker

ProProfs Quiz Maker is a smart Outgrow alternative with an AI quiz generator to create engaging and personalized quizzes in seconds. You can easily customize the quizzes with your personalized branding and add multimedia elements. Besides, you can even create quizzes from scratch, modify templates, or use as-is for quick, effective quiz creation.


Typeform is another good quiz tool with a design-centric platform for interactive assessments, featuring logic jumps and conditional branching for personalized experiences. It also has engaging forms that lead to higher response rates and quality data, making it a great Outgrow alternative for quizzes, surveys, and feedback.


LeadQuizzes is an excellent tool with its engaging quizzes that not only entertain but also qualify and segment leads. Its customizable templates and integration with marketing automation tools lead to higher conversions, while its detailed reporting features help optimize quiz performance for better results.

List of Best Outgrow Alternatives & Competitors

1. ProProfs Quiz Maker: Best for AI-Generated Quizzes

ProProfs Quiz Maker is a powerful alternative to the Outgrow quiz tool, which can help you create engaging and personalized quizzes for your marketing campaigns. 

I’ve used this tool quite a lot, and one of its unique features is the AI quiz generator, which automatically creates quizzes based on your keywords, industry, and goals. You can also customize the quizzes with your branding, images, videos, and logic branching.

So, you can generate quizzes for lead generation, customer satisfaction, product knowledge, employee training, and more in just a few seconds.

The platform allows you to create quizzes from scratch and lets you modify the in-built quiz templates or use an existing quiz without any changes. 

What Makes ProProfs Quiz Maker a Good Alternative to Outgrow?

  • ProProfs Quiz Maker offers more than 100,000 ready-made quizzes and 100+ quiz templates, while Outgrow offers only a few quiz templates to create quizzes.
  • ProProfs supports more than 70 languages, while Outgrow only 24.
  • It supports 15+ question types, including hotspot, dropdowns, and multimedia questions, while Outgrow supports only a few question types.
  • It has a free plan that allows you to create unlimited quizzes with up to 10 questions and 100 responses per month, while Outgrow doesn’t have a free plan.
  • It supports auto-grading and scoring features using AI, which is absent in Outgrow.

Pricing: Free plan available. Paid plans start at $20/month. 

2. Quizlet: Best for Educational Assessments

(Image Source: AES English)

I’ve found Quizlet to be one of the go-to tools for teachers to create engaging and effective assessments for their students. Its user-friendly platform allows quiz-takers to easily create flashcards, quizzes, and games that cater to different learning styles. 

It has a lot of interactive features that help to keep the students motivated and committed to their studies. The ability to track their progress and identify areas of weakness has been invaluable in tailoring the teaching approach for each individual. 

With this, you can easily assess student knowledge and comprehension, making the learning experience more dynamic and enjoyable for everyone involved.

What Makes Quizlet a Good Outgrow Alternative?

  • Quizlet has more than 500 million study sets.
  • Quizlet has a simpler and more intuitive interface, while Outgrow has an advanced interface that requires some learning curve.
  • Quizlet is free for students and teachers, while Outgrow doesn’t have a free plan.
  • Quizlet has a mobile app that works on iOS and Android devices, while Outgrow doesn’t have a mobile app.
  • Quizlet has a community forum where you can ask questions, share tips, and get feedback.

Pricing: Starts at $35.99/year with a 7-day free trial.

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3. Typeform: Best for Interactive Assessments

(Image Source: Typeform)

I’ve used Typeform to create and distribute interactive assessments, and it can be a good quiz alternative to Outgrow. The platform’s design-centric approach makes it easy to build beautiful, engaging forms that capture attention and encourage completion. 

The platform has logic jumps and conditional branching features, so I can personalize the assessment experience, making it more relevant to each respondent. This personalization has helped me gather more accurate and meaningful data. 

Whether for quizzes, surveys, or feedback forms, Typeform has enabled me to make the process interactive and enjoyable for participants, leading to higher response rates and better-quality data.

What Makes Typeform a Good Outgrow Alternative?

  • Typeform has a more modern and elegant design, while Outgrow has a more generic and outdated design.
  • Typeform has a free plan that allows you to create unlimited quizzes, while Outgrow doesn’t have a free plan.
  • Typeform has a more flexible pricing structure ranging from $0 to $70/month, and you can also purchase extra credits for more responses. Outgrow has four plans ranging from $14 to $600/month, and they have fixed limits on the number of quizzes and responses you can have.
  • Typeform offers more advanced data collection options and integrations with various tools, making it suitable for gathering rich data insights.

Pricing: Starts at $25/month/user. Billed annually.

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4. Jotform: Best for Mobile-Friendly Assessments

(Image Source: Jotform)

Joform has been one of my favorite tools for creating mobile-friendly assessments. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows me to design quizzes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional on mobile devices. 

It has a wide range of templates and customizable options that can help you create anything from simple to complex quizzes with ease. The mobile responsiveness ensures that participants can complete assessments on any device, leading to increased accessibility and completion rates. 

Joform’s seamless integration with various platforms and its robust data collection capabilities have streamlined my workflow, making it indispensable for my needs.

What Makes Jotform a Good Outgrow Alternative?

  • Jotform has a more mobile-friendly and responsive design than Outgrow.
  • Jotform has more features and options, such as conditional logic, file upload, e-signature, payment integration, and PDF editor, while Outgrow lacks most of these features and options.
  • Jotform has a free plan that allows you to create unlimited quizzes with up to 5 questions and 100 responses per month, while Outgrow doesn’t have a free plan.
  • Jotform has a 30-day money-back guarantee, while Outgrow doesn’t have a money-back guarantee.
  • Jotform supports features like SSL encryption, GDPR compliance, and the option to make forms HIPAA-compliant for healthcare-related uses. Outgrow lacks these features.

Price: Starts at $34/month. Billed annually. 

5. LeadQuizzes: Best for Generating Leads

(Image Source: LeadQuizzes)

When it comes to generating leads, LeadQuizzes has been a wonderful option for users. The platform’s lead-capturing features are tailored to not just entertain but also to qualify and segment leads based on their responses. 

The platform’s customizable quiz templates and intuitive design make it easy to create engaging and interactive quizzes that capture the attention of potential customers. It integrates with marketing automation tools, which help you seamlessly capture and follow up on qualified leads, resulting in higher conversion rates and sales. 

Not just this, the detailed reporting features allow you to track the performance of your quizzes and optimize them for better results.

What Makes LeadQuizzes a Good Outgrow Alternative?

  • LeadQuizzes has more niche-specific quiz templates and questions, while Outgrow has more generic quiz templates and questions.
  • LeadQuizzes has more conversion-oriented features, such as lead magnets, exit-intent popups, social sharing, and pixel tracking, while Outgrow has fewer conversion-oriented features.
  • LeadQuizzes has a free plan that allows you to create unlimited quizzes with up to 3 questions and 25 responses per month, while Outgrow doesn’t have a free plan.
  • LeadQuizzes allows white-labeling of the quizzes with any paid plan. Against this, white-labeling in Outgrow is locked behind the most expensive plan.
  • LeadQuizzes has a 14-day free trial, while Outgrow has a 7-day free trial.

Price: Starts at $37/month for a single website account. Billed annually. 

6. SurveyMonkey: Best for Market Research and Feedback Quizzes

(Image Source: SurveyMonkey)

SurveyMonkey has been instrumental in my market research and feedback collection efforts. This Outgrow competitor is easy to use and flexible, allowing me to create comprehensive quizzes quickly, which allows me to gather insights on customer satisfaction, product feedback, and market trends.

It can help you reach a wide audience and also ensures respondent anonymity, making it valuable for sensitive research projects. The flexibility to distribute the quizzes through various channels and customized quiz settings have already helped me reach a wide range of audiences and collect valuable leads efficiently.

Besides, even its reporting features make it easy for me to visualize and interpret the collected data and make data-driven decisions with confidence. 

What Makes SurveyMonkey a Good Outgrow Alternative?

  • SurveyMonkey has more research-oriented features, such as survey logic, randomization, quotas, and data quality, while Outgrow has fewer research-oriented features.
  • SurveyMonkey has a free plan that allows you to create unlimited quizzes with up to 10 questions and 40 responses per month, while Outgrow doesn’t have a free plan.
  • SurveyMonkey quiz maker has a more intuitive and user-friendly interface than Outgrow.
  • SurveyMonkey supports more question types, such as matrix, rating, ranking, and file upload.
  • Survey Monkey has more advanced analysis and reporting features than Outgrow.

Price: Starts at $39/month for the individual plan.

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Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation of products or tools chosen for this article follows an unbiased, systematic approach that ensures a fair, insightful, and well-rounded review. This method employs six key factors:

  1. User Reviews / Ratings- Direct experiences from users, including ratings and feedback from reputable sites, provide a ground-level perspective. This feedback is critical in understanding overall satisfaction and potential problems.
  2. Essential Features & Functionality: The value of a product is ascertained by its core features and overall functionality. Through an in-depth exploration of these aspects, the practical usefulness and effectiveness of the tools are carefully evaluated.
  3. Ease of Use: The user-friendliness of a product or service is assessed, focusing on the design, interface, and navigation. This ensures a positive experience for users of all levels of expertise.
  4. Customer Support: The quality of customer support is examined, taking into account its efficiency and how well it supports users in different phases – setting up, addressing concerns, and resolving operational issues.
  5. Value for Money: Value for money is evaluated by comparing the quality, performance, and features. The goal is to help the reader understand whether they would be getting their money’s worth. 
  6. Personal Experience/Expert’s Opinion or Favorites: This part of the evaluation criteria draws insightful observations from the writer’s personal experience and the opinions of industry experts. 

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Ready to Pick the Best Outgrow Alternative?

In wrapping up our exploration of Outgrow quiz alternatives, the big question remains: which tool takes the crown? Based on its outstanding blend of versatility and user-friendliness, ProProfs Quiz Maker gets my top vote. 

This tool isn’t just another great option; it’s a comprehensive quiz solution for marketers aiming to engage and understand their audience better. With ProProfs Quiz Maker, you’re equipped with an intuitive, powerful tool that makes quiz creation effortless and effective, enhancing your marketing campaigns significantly.

FREE. All Features. FOREVER!

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