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Top 6 Quizlet Alternatives and Competitors for Quiz Creation in 2024

Have you ever wondered if there’s more to quiz creation than what Quizlet has to offer?

I have had interactions with people looking for better features, and being a part of this industry for many years, I know one size fits all approach doesn’t work, especially for quiz creation. Alternatives cater to your unique needs.

After doing extensive research on this topic, I have compiled a list of effective Quizlet alternatives people are looking for.

Whether you’re an educator, a corporate trainer, or just passionate about interactive quizzes, you will discover what’s new and improved in quiz creation.

I have based this blog on my personal experience, insights from peers, and comprehensive reviews from top websites.

Best Quizlet Alternatives

1. ProProfs Quiz Maker – Best for Creating Quizzes With AI

If you wish to create quizzes in seconds, ProProfs Quiz Maker is second to none.

This is one of the free Quizlet alternatives with an advanced AI quiz generator that lets you create quizzes on various topics in just a few clicks. Isn’t it so cool?

Besides, it has a vast question library that enables you to search for topics and easily import questions from over 1,000,000 ready-to-use questions

It also has an assessment library that lets you access 100+ professionally built assessment tests to assess skills for education and business needs.

ProProfs Quiz Maker offers automatic scoring and grading options, making it easy to assess and provide instant feedback to quiz takers. 

You can even use ProProfs’ question customization features to create quizzes tailored to your student’s needs. For example, you can add images, videos, and audio to your questions to make them more engaging or set up branching logic to create more challenging quizzes.

Also, did you know that you can use ProProfs Quiz Maker to create secure quizzes with AI?

Yeah, it has single sign-on (SSO) and password protection features, including automated proctoring, that can help you secure your quizzes and prevent unauthorized access. Plus, it also uses AI for question pooling and reports & analytics.

What Makes It a Good Quizlet Alternative?

  • ProProfs Quiz Maker has more features and customization options than Quizlet. You can add images, videos, audio, math equations, and surveys to your quizzes and use conditional logic, branching, scoring, and feedback.
  • It has a larger question library than Quizlet. You can access over 1,000,000 ready-made questions on various topics and categories.
  • ProProfs Quiz Maker has more integrations than Quizlet. You can connect your quizzes with over 100 apps and tools, such as Google Classroom, Mailchimp, Slack, and WordPress.
  • ProProfs Quiz Maker has more security and privacy features than Quizlet. You can password-protect your quizzes, set access levels, enable SSL encryption, and comply with GDPR and other regulations.

Price: Free plan available. Paid plans start at $20/month (billed annually).

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2. FlexiQuiz – Best for Mobile Quizzes

FlexiQuiz – Best for Mobile Quizzes

FlexiQuiz is a user-friendly alternative to Quizlet that does not require any coding skills to create, publish, and track online quizzes.

The best part is that it is compatible with all kinds of devices including mobiles.

Quizzes automatically adjust to different screen sizes to ensure they look and function well on smartphones and tablets.

FlexiQuiz has a clean and intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to navigate the site and find quizzes.

You can incorporate images, videos, and audio into your quizzes. This is particularly useful for mobile quizzes as it can enhance engagement and make the content more interactive and engaging.

One of the best things about FlexiQuiz is that it offers an offline quiz mode. This means that quiz takers can start a quiz while online and continue or complete it later, even if they are offline, making it convenient for users with intermittent internet connectivity.

What Makes It a Good Quizlet Alternative?

  • FlexiQuiz Quiz Maker has better customization options for creating quizzes, such as question branching, question randomizing, time limits, automatic grading, results reporting, and user management. Quizlet has fewer customizations and mainly focuses on flashcards and study modes.
  • It has a more user-friendly and intuitive interface. Against this, Quizlet has a more cluttered and complex interface that can confuse some users.
  • It has a more flexible pricing plan that allows users to choose from three different plans: Free, Premium, and Enterprise. Quizlet has only two plans: Free and Plus.
  • FlexiQuiz allows you to create and host live quizzes, which can be used for training, team building, and other events. Quizlet does not offer live quizzing.

Price: Starts at $17/month. Billed annually.

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3. Quizgecko Quiz Maker – Best for Formative Assessments

Quizgecko Quiz Maker – Best for Formative Assessments

Quizgecko gained a lot of popularity recently for its online quiz-making features, and it can be a good alternative to Quizlet for formative assessments.

It can automatically generate questions from any text input, including PDFs, DOCs, and web pages. This can save teachers much time, especially when creating quizzes for multiple subjects or topics.

The platform supports a variety of question types, including multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, short answer, and matching. It also offers various customization options, such as the ability to set time limits, randomize questions, and add images and videos. With these, you can create quizzes that are tailored to the specific needs of students and teachers.

One of the most interesting features of this tool is that it provides students with real-time feedback on their answers. This helps them to identify their strengths and weaknesses and to learn from their mistakes.

It also offers detailed reports on student performance to identify students needing extra help and track student progress.

What Makes It a Good Quizlet Alternative?

  • Quizgecko is powered by AI that automatically generates questions and answers from any text, document, or URL. Quizlet requires users to create their own flashcards or use existing ones manually.
  • It offers more customization options, such as the type of questions, the difficulty level, and the number of questions to generate. Quizlet has limited options for customizing flashcards and quizzes.
  • It provides instant feedback and analytics, such as the score, time, and accuracy rate. Quizlet only shows the score and the number of correct and incorrect answers.
  • Quizgecko is faster and easier to use, as it only takes a few minutes to create a quiz from any content. Quizlet can take longer and require more effort to create or find suitable flashcards or quizzes.

Price: Starts at $18/month. Billed annually.

4. Classtime – Best for Collaborative Learning

Classtime – Best for Collaborative Learning

When it comes to a collaborative learning environment, I find Classtime an excellent alternative to Quizlet. 

It provides free access to more than 50,000 curriculum-aligned questions, or you can create your own tech-enabled questions with images, videos, gifs, audio clips, and math notations.

Besides, you can engage with the students with its “Collaborative Challenges and Puzzles,” fun and immersive activities requiring teamwork and problem-solving skills.

One of its most exciting features is the Team Mode, which enables students to work in groups to answer quiz questions. This promotes collaboration, teamwork, and discussion among students as they collectively solve problems.

Classtime’s leaderboards can encourage healthy competition and collaboration among students by displaying rankings based on quiz performance. This can motivate students to work together to achieve higher scores.

It also comes with features to limit time for answering questions, which can add an element of urgency to quizzes and help students manage their time effectively.

What Makes It a Good Quizlet Alternative?

  • Classtime is more diverse and flexible in testing students’ knowledge, with nine different question types. Quizlet mainly focuses on flashcards and memorization, with only four question types.
  • It provides detailed analytic reporting per class and student so you can track their progress. Quizlet does not have this feature.
  • It supports 21 languages, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and German. Quizlet only supports 18 languages.
  • It has anti-cheating features, such as randomizing the order of questions and preventing students from going back to previous questions. Quizlet does not have anti-cheating features.

Price: Starts at $9/teacher/month. Billed annually.

5. ClassQuiz – Best for Educational Assessments

ClassQuiz – Best for Educational Assessments

If you are looking for the best Quizlet alternatives for educational assessments, I would suggest ClassQuiz.

Recently, this has emerged as a popular tool used in several institutes.

ClassQuiz is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. Teachers can create quizzes in minutes by choosing from various question types, such as multiple choice, true/false, short answer, matching, and more. 

They can also add images, videos, audio, and math expressions to their questions.

It is compatible with Google Classroom and other learning management systems. 

You can assign quizzes to your students and sync the results with their grade books. You can also share quizzes with other teachers and collaborate on quiz creation.

Keeping students engaged for long is slightly difficult, right?

Not anymore with ClassQuiz.

It is gamified and engaging. You can customize the quizzes’ look and feel by choosing from different themes, backgrounds, fonts, and colors. 

It also allows you to add timers, leaderboards, badges, and certificates to motivate students and make learning fun.

What Makes It a Good Quizlet Alternative?

  • ClassQuiz is free for teachers and students, while Quizlet has a paid subscription option that offers more features.
  • It helps teachers to track student progress and generate reports on quiz results. Quizlet also has some analytics features, but they are limited to the paid version.
  • ClassQuiz supports multimedia content, such as images, videos, and audio. Quizlet also allows adding images and audio, but only for paid users.
  • ClassQuiz integrates with Google Classroom to easily assign quizzes and manage classes. Quizlet does not have a direct integration with Google Classroom.

Price: Free tool.

6. Kahoot! – Best for Gamified Quizzes

Kahoot! – Best for Gamified Quizzes

Gamified quizzes are quite interesting, right?

Kahoot! is one of the best Quizlet competitors known for its gamified approach to learning and engagement.

It allows you to create interactive quizzes that engage participants through questions and multiple-choice answers. You can import questions from a spreadsheet or use the question bank with over 500 million questions.

But what I love about the tool is its gamification elements, such as points, timers, and leaderboards, to make learning more fun and competitive. This gamified approach motivates participants to answer questions quickly and accurately.

And in addition to traditional quizzes, Kahoot! offers a range of learning games like “Jumble” and “Challenge,” which add variety to your gamified learning experiences.

You can even assign challenges for participants to complete at their own pace, which is great for homework assignments, self-paced learning, or continuous assessment.

There’s a Kahoot! Studio that offers pre-made, high-quality quiz templates on various topics, saving you time on content creation. Also, it has a large community of educators and trainers who share their quizzes and learning materials.

What Makes It a Good Quizlet Alternative?

  • Kahoot! is more interactive and engaging, and allows you to create live quizzes. Quizlet mainly offers flashcards and study modes that are more suitable for individual learning.
  • Kahoot! lets you choose from different question types, such as multiple choice, true/false, open-ended, word cloud, and puzzle, and add images, videos, audio, and math equations to your questions. Quizlet only supports text-based flashcards and multiple-choice questions.
  • Kahoot! allows elements of game design to your quizzes, such as timers, points, leaderboards, music, and sound effects. You can also use power-ups, badges, trophies, and avatars to enhance the gameplay experience. Quizlet is more focused on memorization and repetition.
  • Kahoot! supports over 60 languages and has features such as text-to-speech, subtitles, accessibility settings, and auto-translate. Quizlet only supports 18 languages and has limited accessibility options.

Price: Starts at $17/host/month. Billed annually.

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Ready to Pick the Best Quizlet Alternative?

I hope you are not already overwhelmed with the features of these alternatives and competitors to Quizlet.

So, did you pick your favorite tool out of the list above?

Let me make it slightly easier for you.

I have shortlisted three tools from my list. Here is a recap of each:

ProProfs Quiz Maker

ProProfs Quiz Maker is a popular tool with an advanced AI quiz generator that allows you to craft quizzes on various subjects quickly and effortlessly. 

With a vast library housing 1,000,000+ questions, finding and importing ready-to-use questions is quite easy. You can access 100+ professionally crafted assessment tests for educational and business needs. 

The platform offers automatic scoring and grading, ensuring prompt feedback for quiz takers. Customize questions with multimedia elements and use branching logic for more challenging quizzes. 

ProProfs Quiz Maker employs AI for secure and proctored quizzes, along with robust reporting and analytics features, making it a good Quizlet alternative.


Classtime is another good alternative to Quizlet for collaborative learning. It offers access to 50,000+ curriculum-aligned questions and allows for creating multimedia-rich questions. 

You can engage students with fun Collaborative Challenges and Puzzles that promote teamwork and problem-solving. The Team Mode on the platform encourages group work, fostering discussion and collaboration. 

It also has leaderboards that inspire healthy competition and teamwork, while time limits add urgency and time management skills to quizzes. 


ClassQuiz is a good option for educational assessments. It’s gaining popularity in schools and institutes for its user-friendly interface and quick quiz creation.

It’s versatile with various question types, multimedia support, and Google Classroom compatibility. You can collaborate with other educators on quiz creation and seamlessly sync results. 

ClassQuiz engages students through gamification, offering customization options like themes, timers, leaderboards, badges, and certificates. It’s a dynamic tool that makes learning enjoyable while assessing student progress efficiently.

ProProfs Quiz Maker is arguably the best option for its AI quiz generation and proctoring features. It also supports several integrations and is compatible with all kinds of devices. Besides, you can use AI to generate detailed quiz reports and add gamification elements to your quizzes.

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