Microsoft Outlook Quizzes

Sample Questions

  • What's an effective and efficient way to send the same email message to a group of people?

  • If Outlook shows only one day's schedule in the calendar, how can you make it show several days?

  • Data storage issues continue to be a concern for the IT Group.  An easy way to identify old files and easily delete unnecessary storage on the h: drive is by using the ______________ function.
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  • To find out about new changes and projects that are being deployed by the IT Group, associates can access the ________________ weekly deployment schedule on the IT Intranet home page.
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  • Can you change the font style in outlook 2007?

  • In March, the IT Group successfully deployed a new Accident & Health system, a new Web POS system, and an upgraded _________ system.
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  • Can you copy / paste text form word 2007 into outlook 2007?

  • What is the easiest way to find out when a person has read an email from you?

  • Is there a spellchecker in outlook 2007?

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