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An image is a visual representation of an object. Images can be two-dimensional or even three-dimensional, and can be created by cameras, mirrors, telescopes, and microscopes. Do you know who invented the first camera? Do you know what year?
A video or movie is an example of a moving image. Can you think of a few of the world’s most famous images? Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or some of Abraham Lincoln’s photos at Gettysburg during the American Civil War are some of the most popular images in the world. Images are perceived with our eyes in a number of formats – a printed picture, a painting hanging on the wall, a video on the computer, or watching a movie on the television. Are you a photographer or do you just love images? We think you’ll love one of our quizzes on images! 
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Answer the questions. Raise your hand when you have finished.

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    Which file format is ideal for Web photos?

It is important for people to identify differences among those around us and know how to describe them. This image trivia quiz is based on physical characteristics: can you identify them correctly? Let’s put your answer to...

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           He has ..... hair.

You will be expected to answer the Questions by Identifying Images! There are a lot of people who are not so observant about their environment and can’t name some of the things that people would at first glance. So, do you...

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     What is the flower?

An overview of some of the aspects of x-rays. This includes, tomography, fluoroscopy, and several other things. Designed for the urology technician.

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    Designed to bring into focus only the anatomy lying in a plane of interest while blurring structures on either side of the plane.

Have you heard of people with photographic memory? They remember everything with perfect detail. There are also other people whose brain work so fast that they can name things in a heartbeat. Do you think that you can? Take...

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Image Questions & Answers

What is the difference between JPEG and RAW?
There is a common question in which has been directed to a lot of photographers that what is the difference between JPEG and RAW. There are differences between JPEG and RAW based on their sizes, quality, firmware DCT processing, etc. A JPEG is a file
How to convert jpg files to png format?
- There are different ways to convert JPG files to PNG format. However, you can simply do this on your computer's web browser by visiting: Just visit the site offered, and you are good to go, but you can only convert 20 jpg file
How to copy and paste text or image from one location to another on PC and Mac?
In most cases, we copy and paste text when we are using a word document. However, either word software or not, these steps can help to copy text from any part of your PC or Mac to another. • First of all, highlight the text that you want to cop
What is the difference between MPEG and AAC?
MPEG is the international standard for encoding and compressing video images, while AAC stands for Advanced Audio Coding. MPEG and AAC are two encoding algorithms that are used in a lot of top boxes and portable devices. AAC is simply an extension of
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