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An image is a visual representation of an object. Images can be two-dimensional or even three-dimensional, and can be created by cameras, mirrors, telescopes, and microscopes. Do you know who invented the first camera? Do you know what year?
A video or movie is an example of a moving image. Can you think of a few of the world’s most famous images? Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or some of Abraham Lincoln’s photos at Gettysburg during the American Civil War are some of the most popular images in the world. Images are perceived with our eyes in a number of formats – a printed picture, a painting hanging on the wall, a video on the computer, or watching a movie on the television. Are you a photographer or do you just love images? We think you’ll love one of our quizzes on images! 

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           He has ..... hair.

Answer the questions. Raise your hand when you have finished.

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    Which file format is ideal for Web photos?

Quiz reviewing the basics of forming an MR image.

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    _ is defined as a small change in the magnetic field along a particular axis.

Can You Identify The Composer And U.S. President? In this image trivia quiz, you will be shown different images in which you are expected to choose who is the composer and which is the U.S president. So far there have been 45...

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    Classify Image below

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Image Questions & Answers

What is the difference between NRG and ISO?
NRG and ISO are two popular types of formats which can be used in saving images of discs. Although they are used to perform a similar function, there are some differences between the two. First of all, NRG and ISO are created by different sources. NR
What is the difference between Real Image and Virtual Image?
RealImageand Virtual Image are two types of images. Terms like these are discussed inphysics. Optical images are formed when an object is reproduced through lenses like concave and convex lenses. Images that are reproduced can either be real or virtu
What is the purpose of tool A?
It moves objects on an image/Photo.
What is the difference between JPG and JPEG?
There is no big difference between JPG and JPEG. The two are the recognized extension for Joint Photographic Expert Group and they are more or less serving the same purpose. At a time when Windows only save files with three letter extension, JPG is t