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What do you know about the genitourinary system? This system comprises all the organs that are found in both the urinary system as well as the reproductive system. Do you know which organs these are and how they can carry out...

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    The Urinary system consists of____?

.Do you know the embryology of the genitourinary system? There are different steps that an embryo goes through before it is formed into a baby and the trivia quiz is perfect for figuring out just how much you know about them. How...

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    Most primitive renal structures in humans?

The NCLEX Genitourinary Disorder is an exam taken by practitioners who have specialized in the treatment of the urinary and the genital organs. Are you in this line of duty and preparing for the exam? Use this quiz to revise.

Questions: 115  |  Attempts: 384   |  Last updated: Apr 9, 2018
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    After undergoing retropubic prostatectomy, a client returns to his room. The client is on nothing-by-mouth status and has an I.V. infusing in his right forearm at a rate of 100 ml/hour. The client also has an indwelling urinary catheter that's draining light pink urine. While assessing the client, the nurse notes that his urine output is red and has dropped to 15 ml and 10 ml for the last 2 consecutive hours. How can the nurse best explain this drop in urine output?

Questions: 115  |  Attempts: 198   |  Last updated: Mar 25, 2020
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    A nurse is caring for a client who had a stroke. Which nursing intervention promotes urinary continence?

A test covering several kinds of genitourinary trauma. For urology techs

Questions: 57  |  Attempts: 117   |  Last updated: Jan 11, 2013
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    Auto accidents are not causes of blunt renal trauma

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Genitourinary Questions & Answers

What is included in the genitourinary system?
1. the presence of a boggy mass-rationale: when the urethra is ruptured, a hematoma or collection of blood separates the two sections of the urethra. this condition may feel like a boggy mass on rectal examination. because of the rupture and hematoma
What is the relationship between fluid intake and urine output?
Typically, fluid intake is about equal to the urine output. The fluid intake that is double the urine output indicates fluid retention. The fluid intake that is half the urine output indicates dehydration. A continuous supply is needed to replenish t
What is the function of the genitourinary system?
Further teaching is needed for the patient based on the statement, 'I'll have to wear an external collection pouch the rest of my life.' This is because an internal pouch like the Kock pouch allows for self-catheterization. It has an internal reservo
What is genitourinary system test?
1. check the client\ s pedal pulses frequently.-rationale: after renal angiography involving a femoral puncture site, the nurse should check the clients pedal pulses frequently to detect reduced circulation to the feet caused by vascular injury. the
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