Spsd Elementary Maths 2010 - P5 Problem Solving Questions

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Spsd Elementary Maths 2010 - P5 Problem Solving Questions - Quiz

SPSD P5 ELEMENTARY MATHS 2010 ONLINE TEST - Problem-Solving Questions INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES 1. Do not spend too much time on this online test. 2. For opened-ended questions, type out the answers in the blanks provided. 3. Prepare a piece of paper for your workings. 4. All answers must have units. 5. Attempt all 5 questions in this test. 6. Scientific Calculators are allowed in this test. 7. This test may be taken into consideration for grading as part of your CA1 (2010) marks. Allocation Time: 40 minutes (more time have been given) Arranged by: Jonathan Peh

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    During a shopping trip, George, Zhi Ming and Fatimah brought a total of $1326. After George spent 2/5​ of his share, Zhi Ming spent 1/7​of his share and Fatimah spent 1/3​ of her share, they are left with the same amount of money. Find the total amount of money they had spent.(4 marks)
  • 2. 
    Mr Leong went for dinner with his family members with 23 more five-dollar notes than two-dollar notes. After paying $90 for the meal with some five-dollar notes, he has 1.5 times as many five-dollar notes as two-dollar notes. How many five-dollar notes did he have at first?(4 marks)
  • 3. 
    Bob, Mark and James shared some stamps. Bob had 4/11​ of what Mark and James had and Bob had 1/2​ of what Mark had. (a) If Mark had 104 stamps, how many stamps did James have? (2 marks) (b) How many stamps did they have altogether? (2 marks)Your final must be presented like the following:(FOR EXAMPLE) NO SPACINGS ALLOWED (only for this qn). Case-sensitive*(a)456,(b)258
  • 4. 
    There are between 60 and 100 apples in a box. The apples can be shared equally among 4 and 7 children. How many apples are there in the box?(4 marks)
  • 5. 
    During an excursion, there are 7 groups of pupils with 38 pupils in each group. If 1 bus could take 30 pupils, what is the least number of buses needed for the excursion?(4 marks)
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