Solving Proportion Word Problems

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Problem Solving Quizzes & Trivia

It's time to answer some short and tricky questions on solving proportion word problem. It's also part of maths.

Questions and Answers
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    Andrea walks 5 miles per hour, how many miles can Andrea walk in 4 hours

    Andrea walks at a speed of 5 miles per hour. In 4 hours, she would cover a distance equal to her speed multiplied by the time taken, which is 5 miles/hour * 4 hours = 20 miles. Therefore, Andrea can walk 20 miles in 4 hours.

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    Veronica bought 2 pairs of jeans for $23, how much would 3 pairs of jeans cost?

    If Veronica bought 2 pairs of jeans for $23, then the cost of each pair of jeans is $23/2 = $11.50. Therefore, the cost of 3 pairs of jeans would be 3 * $11.50 = $34.50.

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    Dustin can eat 4 hotdogs in one minute, if he enters a hotdog eating contest that last 15 minutes, how many hotdogs would he consume?

    Dustin can eat 4 hotdogs in one minute, so in 15 minutes, he would consume 4 hotdogs per minute multiplied by 15 minutes, which equals 60 hotdogs.

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    Dana can ride her bike 29 feet every 2 seconds, how many feet can she ride in 30 seconds?

    Dana can ride her bike 29 feet every 2 seconds. To find out how many feet she can ride in 30 seconds, we can set up a proportion. Since 2 seconds is to 29 feet, we can set up the proportion 2/29 = 30/x, where x represents the number of feet Dana can ride in 30 seconds. By cross-multiplying and solving for x, we find that x = 435. Therefore, Dana can ride 435 feet in 30 seconds.

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    Zach can make 12 chocolate chip cookies in 18 minutes, how many cookies can he make in one hour (60 minutes)?

    If Zach can make 12 cookies in 18 minutes, we can find out how many cookies he can make in one minute by dividing 12 by 18, which equals 0.67 cookies per minute. To find out how many cookies he can make in 60 minutes, we multiply 0.67 by 60, which equals 40 cookies.

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