How Much Risk Is In Your Life?

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| By Mvalcour
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How Much Risk Is In Your Life? - Quiz

It is a common belief that one can live life doing their best to avoid risk but is this entirely true base on what you know about risk management. Are you a savvy risk manager? Or do you live life one step from the grave? Take this short quiz to get a glimpse of what managing risk is all about, and how it applies to everything around you.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    Your friends want you to join them on their rock climbing trip next month. It sound like fun and you want to give it a try, but you've never been climbing before. What do you do?

    • A.

      No thank you! I really want to, but 1 in 320,000 people die while rock climbing. So count me out!

    • B.

      I think I'll go to a local rock gym and take a couple classes so I can be more prepared.

    • C.

      I'm in! And no, I don't need a helmet. Or a safety harness.

  • 2. 

    Time to hit the road! It's the dead of winter and you've decided to road trip from frozen tundra of the Pioneer Valley to sunny Miami Beach, Florida. So what's in your car?

    • A.

      My luggage, a fully charged cell phone, some water and snacks for the road, a bit of money for tolls, and a warm jacket and gloves just in case we break down.

    • B.

      Four spare tires, six gallons of water, half of my medicine cabinet, several maps encompassing the entire country, and probably half the contents of my dorm room.

    • C.

      A bag of Doritos and some fantastic music!

  • 3. 

    You're planning a small gathering for your Fans of Liam Neeson student club. One member suggests a pot luck dinner. Your response?

    • A.

      "That sounds good! Let's poll the members to see if there are any allergies we should look out for, and I'll check with Student Programs to see if there's a food handling policy we should be aware of."

    • B.

      "Great idea. I've got the 30-rack and tequila covered. What're you bringing?"

    • C.

      "Don't be absurd. Just think of the risks of food poisoning/anaphylactic shock/E. coli."

  • 4. 

    Your car's insured, right?

    • A.

      Of course!

    • B.

      Of course NOT.

    • C.

      I don't drive. 1 in 100 people die in car accidents, and I will not be one of them!

    • D.

      It would be, if I had one!

  • 5. 

    Your thoughts on taking risks in general?

    • A.

      “Fortune sides with him who dares.”

    • B.

      "Luck runs out, but safety is good for life."

    • C.

      "Drive it like you stole it."

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