Optics - Reflection And Plane Mirrors

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Optics - Reflection And Plane Mirrors - Quiz

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     The law of reflection – The angle of incidence is ______________ to the angle of reflection
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    In ray diagrams each arrow represents a “ray” of ____________________.
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     Light gets reflected from a surface at the _______________ angle it hits it.
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    _______________ (Specular) Reflection:  Reflection of light off a smooth surface
  • 7. 
      ___________ Reflection: Refection of light off an irregular surface
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     A ray diagram is a method used to determine where an image will _________________ when an object is viewed through a mirror or lens
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    Since we know light travels in a straight line our brains think that the source is actually behind the mirror. This is called a _______________  _______________ because the image location we perceive is not real
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    The orientation of an image in a plane mirror is flipped horizontally and in reverse order. This is called _____________   _______________.

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