Frequency And Wavelength Word Problems Quiz

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Frequency And Wavelength Word Problems Quiz - Quiz

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    A team consumes 5.65 litres of fuel for endurance. However, after further inspection, it is found that the fuel level drops by 60ml in sight tube due to air cavities. If minimum used fuel for a team is 2 litres And Tteam=1.2 Tmin Tick the possible efficiency scores 
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    Calculate damped and peak natural frequency for a spring mass system having damping ratio 0.5 mass=100kg and damping co-efficient=70Ns/m up to 3 dp
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    You can present a accumalator which hasnt passed TI in the design event
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    Calculate the yaw moment of a car having yaw inertia=970kgm^2 if the reading of gyroscope at an instant is 30t+90
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    Calculate the Young's modulus for a tube used for Main roll hoop having id=30mm,length= 200mm After application of 200N force the change in length is 0.05mm. Is it rule compliant?? Amswer Up to two dp format ans-yes or no
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    A teams endurance time was 23 mins 42 seconds, whereas tmin was 21 mins 12 seconds. But the teams driver disobeyed the blue flag 2 times and knocked over 4 cones and went of course 3 times. What was their Endurance score.
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    A team aims to make a car which can do the acceleration event driverless, it considers the idea of doing it using hall effect wheel speed sensors. What would be frequency of the signal if the team aims to complete the event in 4.5 sec. Assume whenever the teeth passes the sensor it gives a low signal, otherwise high. Assume constant velocity of the car. Diameter of the tyre in 16 inch. Upto 1 Dp. 
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    If the stock power ([email protected]) of 390 cc engine is to be increased to 43 kw at the same rpm calculate the extra torque required then stock in order to achieve the new power value. Answer 2 dp
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  • 9. 
    Angular velocity should be in rps
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