Matter Quiz By Jenna And Devyn

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Matter Quizzes & Trivia

This quiz will include many questions about matter and sceince.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    What is matter?
    • A. 


    • B. 


    • C. 


    • D. 

      All of the above

  • 2. 
    What is volume?
    • A. 

      The sound settings on your ipod

    • B. 

      The weight of a man

    • C. 

      How much matter is in an object

    • D. 

      The amount of space taken up by an object

  • 3. 
    What is a graduated cylinder used to measure?
    • A. 


    • B. 


    • C. 


    • D. 


    • E. 


  • 4. 
    What is inertia?
    • A. 

      The amount an object resists another force

    • B. 

      A star where the watermelons grow

    • C. 

      Under nourishment of babies

    • D. 

      The inner part of matter

  • 5. 
    What is thermal conductivity?
    • A. 

      Coldness so cold you get frostbite

    • B. 

      The rate at which a substance transfers heat

    • C. 

      The tempereature of a room that conducts itself to a thermal state

  • 6. 
    Describe the 3 characteristics of solids
  • 7. 
    When gas is forced into a smaller space it is called
  • 8. 
    When a liquid doesn't spill after going above the surface of it's container it is called
  • 9. 
    One of the characteristics of a liquid is
  • 10. 
    One state is
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