IT's The Shore, Not The Beach!

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ITs The Shore, Not The Beach! - Quiz

A trivia contest by Tim and Carol Dewald

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    What do South Jersey Shore-goers put on French fries?

    South Jersey Shore-goers put vinegar on French fries. Vinegar is a popular condiment in this region, commonly used to enhance the flavor of fries. It adds a tangy and slightly acidic taste that complements the savory and crispy nature of the fries. The acidity of vinegar can also help cut through the richness of the fried potatoes, providing a balanced and enjoyable eating experience.

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  • 2. 

    What is soft-serve ice cream called in South Jersey?

    Soft-serve ice cream is commonly referred to as "Custard" or "Frozen Custard" in South Jersey. This term is used to describe the specific type of ice cream that has a smoother and creamier texture compared to regular ice cream. The terms "Custard" and "Frozen Custard" are interchangeable and widely understood in the region to refer to soft-serve ice cream.

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  • 3. 

    What is the original name for pizza in Jersey?

    The original name for pizza in Jersey is "Tomato pie".

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  • 4. 

    What is Bruce Springsteen's favorite flavor milkshake?

    The correct answer is "A black 'n white, Black 'n white, Black and white, Black-and-white." This answer suggests that Bruce Springsteen's favorite flavor milkshake is a black and white milkshake. The variations in the answer are due to different ways of writing and representing the same flavor.

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  • 5. 

    What is a "Black 'n White"?

    A "Black 'n White" is a vanilla milkshake with one or two shots of chocolate syrup.

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  • 6. 

    How do older female clerks greet their customers in Jersey?

    The correct answer is a list of different greetings that older female clerks in Jersey might use to greet their customers. These greetings include "Hiya, Hon!", "Hiya, Babydoll!", and "How ya doin'?" as well as variations of these phrases. These greetings are informal and friendly, reflecting the warm and welcoming nature of the clerks.

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  • 7. 

    Can a Jersey girl or guy pump her or his own gas?

    In the state of New Jersey, it is illegal for individuals to pump their own gas. This law was implemented to create jobs and ensure the safety of individuals at gas stations. Gas stations in New Jersey are required to have attendants who pump gas for customers. Therefore, a Jersey girl or guy cannot pump their own gas.

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  • 8. 

    Who is Gov. Christie's favorite rocker?

    Gov. Christie's favorite rocker is Bruce Springsteen, who is often referred to as "The Boss".

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  • 9. 

    What brand of guitar does The Boss play?

    The Boss, referring to Bruce Springsteen, is known for playing the Fender Telecaster guitar. This iconic brand and model are often associated with his signature sound and style.

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  • 10. 

    What happened in the song "On the Way to Cape May"?


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  • 11. 

    What was the color of crime boss Nucky Johnson's carnation?

    The color of crime boss Nucky Johnson's carnation was red.

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  • 12. 

    The first name of the actor who plays crime boss Nucky Thompson on the HBO series "Boardwalk Empire."

    The first name of the actor who plays crime boss Nucky Thompson on the HBO series "Boardwalk Empire" is Steve. The actor's full name is Steve Buscemi.

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  • 13. 

    Which of the following are native New Jersians?

    • A.

      Bruce Springsteen

    • B.

      Brian Williams

    • C.

      Chris Christie

    • D.

      John Stewart

    • E.

      All of the above

    • F.

      Answers a and c

    Correct Answer
    E. All of the above
    All of the individuals listed in the options, Bruce Springsteen, Brian Williams, Chris Christie, and John Stewart, are native New Jerseyans.

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  • 14. 

    In his public news conference to the people of New Jersey, what did Gov. Chris Christie say to Asbury Park beach-goers as hurricane Irene approached in August 2011?

    Correct Answer
    Get the hell off the beach!
    Get the hell off the beach

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