Find Out Your CA Personality Today?

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| By Vishal
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Find Out Your CA Personality Today? - Quiz

Find out your CA Personality and know what kind of job is suitable for you after clearing CA exams

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    My Name

  • 2. 

    Phone Number 

  • 3. 

    Email ID

  • 4. 

    Appearing for which CA Exam

  • 5. 

    Do you like solving your own problems “creatively”?  

    • A.


    • B.

      Not Really

  • 6. 

    Do you push through even when people tell you your idea is bad?

    • A.

      Definitely true

    • B.

      Working on it

    • C.

      I wish

  • 7. 

    Do you prefer working for others, instead of for yourself?  

    • A.

      Yes, I can work if the manager is good

    • B.

      I can only work for myself 

  • 8. 

    Do new ideas about ways to improve things keep you up at night?

    • A.

      Hell Yes!

    • B.


    • C.

      Not sure what's agile scrum methodology means

  • 9. 

    When Do You Get The Most Study Done?

    • A.

      Whenever I am in the mood 

    • B.

      Anytime of the day

  • 10. 

    My Ideal Workspace Is?

    • A.

      Proper setup with comfort

    • B.

      Anywhere I can get Wifi

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