Eye S Spy -- Dedicated To Women Of Imt

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| By Ful2bakwaas
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Eye S Spy -- Dedicated To Women Of Imt - Quiz

Its in your eyes. . The women of IMT. .
Time to appreciate and check your observation towards the women of IMT
Though this quiz is restricted to the batch 2007-09; BUT ful2bakwaas offers no less respect to the women of any other batch; or the women who do not feature in the quiz.
This being the first quiz; ful2bakwaas decided to begin with the most respected,
"The Women" of IMT
Jai Ho!
P. S. Though this quiz is all feminish; but ful2bakwaas is sure that it will be the men who will dominate the score sheet
All you need to do is to identify Read morethe lady with her eyes.

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