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     1    Read the text "Mystery Shopper".  Match paragraphs A–E of the text with questions 1–7. There are two extra questions (write "Not used"  in the answer box). A  Rita Adams (not her real name) has an interesting job, but she’s not allowed to tell anyone about it in real life: ‘I’m a Mystery Shopper. That means that if I go shopping or go to a restaurant for a meal, people think that I’m a normal customer, but actually I’m there to check that everything’s OK.’ B  Rita is paid by the company that owns the restaurant or shop. ‘Large companies want to know what’s happening in their business, but it’s difficult for them to find out what the service is like or if the tables are clean, because if a manager visits, everyone will make a special effort.’ Most companies want to know what things are like for a normal customer – that’s why Rita’s job is so important. ‘If I go to a restaurant, I’ll check the time it takes for the food to arrive and if the table is clean. I also make sure the waiters say what they’re supposed to say.’ C  Although Rita looks for things that are wrong with a place, she likes it when staff are doing a good job. ‘I can usually find problems, but I really like it when I get good service. Sometimes a member of staff is very good at their job and they do everything they can for me as the customer. In my job, we call that “going the extra mile”.’ D  ‘For every job I do, I have to write a report. I have to describe members of staff or write down their names if they are wearing a badge. The company can then use my report to sort out problems and also to give rewards to staff that are doing a good job.’ E  Rita enjoys the job, but it isn’t as easy as people think: ‘I get lots of free meals, but I never really relax when I’m working. I don’t do the reports until later, but I have to make notes or I’ll forget things.’ And there’s one thing that she needs to be particularly careful about: ‘If staff find out I’m a mystery shopper, I’ll lose my job. So I have to look like a normal customer. I’m quite good at that now, but I’m always slightly anxious that one day someone will guess what I do!’ In which paragraph does the mystery shoppertell us … 1. how a mystery shopper describes good service?

    Paragraph C is where the mystery shopper tells us how they describe good service. They mention that they like it when staff are doing a good job and go the extra mile for the customer. This shows that they appreciate when the staff members are dedicated and provide excellent service.

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    What she’s going to do in the future?

  • 3. 

    What her job title means?

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    What companies do with the information they receive from her?

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    Why companies employ mystery shoppers?

    Companies employ mystery shoppers to assess the quality of their products or services from a customer's perspective. By sending in anonymous shoppers, companies can gather unbiased feedback on various aspects such as customer service, product knowledge, cleanliness, and overall experience. This helps companies identify areas for improvement, train their staff, and enhance the overall customer experience. Additionally, mystery shopping also helps companies evaluate their competitors and stay updated with market trends.

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    Why she must keep her job title secret?

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    About one waiter who gave her excellent service?

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