2008 Nec Journeyman Test Study Quiz

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This quiz will go over the most frequntly missed questions on the journeyman exam.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    How many Kilowatts is 95000 watts is _________kw?

    The question is asking for the conversion of 95000 watts to kilowatts. Since there are 1000 watts in a kilowatt, to convert watts to kilowatts, we divide the number of watts by 1000. Therefore, 95000 watts is equal to 95 kilowatts.

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  • 2. 

    _____ bay lites can be put on a 20 amp circuit breaker if they draw 2 amps each and are on 24 hours a day?

    Each bay lite draws 2 amps, and there are 8 bay lites in total. To determine if they can be put on a 20 amp circuit breaker, we need to calculate the total amperage. The total amperage is calculated by multiplying the amperage drawn by each bay lite (2 amps) by the number of bay lites (8). 2 amps x 8 = 16 amps. Since the total amperage (16 amps) is lower than the capacity of the circuit breaker (20 amps), it is safe to put the bay lites on a 20 amp circuit breaker.

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  • 3. 

    The full load current of a 75 HP, 460 volt, three phase, squirrel cage motor is _________ amps.

    The full load current of a motor can be calculated using the formula: Full Load Current = (Power / (Square Root of 3)) / (Voltage). In this case, the power is given as 75 HP and the voltage is given as 460 volts. Plugging in these values into the formula, we get: Full Load Current = (75 / (Square Root of 3)) / 460. Simplifying this equation gives us a result of approximately 96 amps. Therefore, the correct answer is 96.

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  • 4. 

    An electrical device that converts single-phase power to three-phase power is called a ________________.

    A phase converter is an electrical device that converts single-phase power to three-phase power. It is used to power three-phase equipment or machinery in situations where only single-phase power is available. The phase converter takes the single-phase input and generates three-phase output, allowing the equipment to operate efficiently and effectively.

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  • 5. 

    _______ feet  is the maximum distance a GFCI receptacle can be placed from an evaporative cooler for a gas station.

    A GFCI receptacle can be placed a maximum distance of 25 feet from an evaporative cooler for a gas station. This distance is likely determined by safety regulations or guidelines to ensure that the receptacle is within a reasonable proximity to the cooler for effective operation and maintenance. Placing the receptacle too far away may pose safety risks or make it inconvenient for regular maintenance and inspection.

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