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How to Choose the Right Quiz Software Tool for Your Business

Choose Online Quiz Tool
It is quite disheartening for a business to find out that a quiz average conversion rate is 5 percent. This implies that you convert only 1 subscriber out of the 20 people who take your quiz. You get 100 new subscribers only when 2,000 people complete your business quiz. Isn’t this number astounding for a small business? After all, SMBs neither have a sizeable website traffic nor social followers. Further, they don’t have adequate funds to increase their brand reach.

Dig in to learn how to maximise the benefits from online quizzes to your business. Besides, it helps you choose the right online quiz tool to create the most professional quiz.

What Can You Use Online Quizzes For?

  1. Offer an engaging learning experience for your target audience (e.g. by creating a knowledge test)
  2. Generate leads, build brand equity, and sell products and services
  3. Strengthen knowledge after employee or customer training sessions
  4. Create interactive surveys to meet market research goals of your business
  5. Facilitate a smoother hiring process and hone the organizational culture
  6. Create interest and fun among your target audience

What to Consider When Choosing an Online Quiz Tool


There are so many quiz software programs available online that enable you to create beautiful, professional quizzes. Create online quizzes from scratch or use readymade professionally designed templates. You have the liberty to brand your quiz with your own logo, color, theme, style, font, and much more. A personalized quiz experience is what your learners expect when they take your quiz. With an online quiz tool, you can customize their completion certificates too. Add your own signature to the certificate, which adds value to your participant.

Business Application If you are a trainer who sells online courses, using a quiz maker helps you a big deal. Your learners take the course seriously and work hard to complete it on time. Assessments compel learners to retain the knowledge gained and eventually, earn their completion certificate.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

As a business, you understand that your customers are super-busy and even if they are not, they don’t have time to take a quiz. They may have other priorities or tons of other important things to do in their lives. A quiz tool enables your buyers to access the quiz anytime, anywhere. Due to its device compatibility feature, your quiz works smoothly on desktops, mobiles, and laptops.

Business Application – The best part about using a quiz software such as ProProfs Quiz Maker is that it enables you to publish the quiz online. Besides, you can share it with your buyers through email or embed it on your website/blog. Sharing the quiz on your social media pages can invite a large number of responses. More people viewing and taking your quiz increases your chances of generating more leads.

Build Different Quizzes

With the help of a professional quiz maker, you can build different quizzes online. Further, you get access to hundreds of readymade questions that make your job quick and easy. Create scored or personality quizzes.

Scored Quiz

A scored quiz works based on a total score that a quiz taker obtains, as they take the quiz. There is a point value associated with answer choices to questions. The total points that the quiz taker gets is the result of the quiz.

Personality Quiz

A personality quiz consists of a series of questions that help the quiz taker to learn more about themselves. Personality quizzes let you learn your personality type. This kind of quiz is the most appealing since there is no definite set of wrong or right answers. However, this quiz type may not be suitable for a knowledge quiz.

Business Application – Personality quizzes have been helping businesses to generate leads and the subsequent revenue. Customers like to know what they are and in this inquisitiveness, they take the quiz and end up checking out your products as well. In return, you learn how your products & services are performing with your clients and where improvements are needed.


Choose a quiz software that comes integrated with a poll maker and a survey maker. Learning customer feedback and opinions is the most important aspect for the survival of your business and its growth. There are various online quiz tools that help you create polls and surveys in a few clicks. This way you can save spending time on survey tools.

Business Application – Create a poll to gain insights into your customers. Opt for a “Yes” or “No” poll and access vital statistics to better understand the market for your products & services. Make prudent business decisions through real-time customer surveys and Net Promoter Score surveys. Employing a scored survey allows businesses to obtain quantifiable feedback from their target audience. An NPS survey is a perfect example for that. You can measure your customers’ satisfaction with your brand with scored questions in the NPS survey.

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