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How does the human body really work? Physiology is the study of function in living systems, and goes all the way back to Hippocrates, the father of medicine. Our physiology quiz will test your knowledge of the human body.

How much blood does the heart pump every day? The answer might surprise you: it's over 6000 liters. And how many bones are there in the human body? Babies have 300, but some of them fuse together so that by the time they are adults, there are 206. The human body is a beautifully designed machine, and our quiz will help you understand how it works with a range of questions about the things which keep the body alive and functioning.

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Physiology Questions

  • Which of the following statements is a valid generalization regarding properties of smooth muscle?
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  • What is the Pons's primary function?
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  •   Oxygen delivery to tissues depends on all except

  • What is the Cerebellum's primary function?
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  • Which of the following would tend to reduce the concentration of lactic acid that accumulates in a muscle cell as a result of contractile activity?
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  • When a muscle cell is relaxed and intracellular ATP levels are normal, a crossbridge will remain in which of the following states?
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  •   ln isometric exercise all are increased except :

  •   True about free water clearance is

  • What is the Medulla's primary function?
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