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This quiz is about cyberbullying and how people can prevent it. It also contains facts about cyberbullying. it also says the most dangerous place to be on the internet and even some statistics that are aboutkids using the...

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  • Sample Question
    What electronic devices can you use for cyberbullying? (Hint: there may be multiple answers.)

Test your knowledge about cyber bullying!

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  • Sample Question
    Cyberbullying can take place on computers, cell phones and tablets.

        Take the following quiz after watching the CyberBullying Episode.

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  • Sample Question
    You should always tell an adult in a position of authority if you are being cyberbullied, even if it is the first time it has happened to you.

Cyberbullying Questions & Answers

Which of the following is not a good way to handle cyberbullying?
Get into a fight with the person at school
Should someone who is being cyber-bullied go to police?
Bullying whether it is online or in person, should be addressed by either the teacher or authorities depending on the severity of the bullying. Also, the length of the bullying depends on if you should go to the police. If the bullying has been going
What forms can cyber bullying take place?
I believe my answer is wrong because killing somebody is bullying and murder. So, I believe the correct answer is: Over messaging, emails,facebook, snapchat, and instagram.
Why does the boy feel bad in the video "You Can't Take It Back"?
Not everyone has that video. I would suggest remaking the question