When Albums Ruled The World - Fill In The Blank

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When Albums Ruled The World - Fill In The Blank - Quiz

Between the mid 1960s and the late 1970s, the long-playing record and the albums that graced its grooves changed popular music for ever. For the first time, musicians could escape the confines of the three-minute pop single and express themselves as never before across the expanded artistic canvas of the album. The LP allowed popular music become an art form - from the glorious artwork adorning gatefold sleeves, to the ideas and concepts that bound the songs together, to the unforgettable music itself. Built on stratospheric sales of albums, these were the years when the music industry exploded to become bigger than Hollywood. From pop to rock, from country to soul, from jazz to punk, all of music embraced what 'the album' could offer. But with the collapse of vinyl

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    At 2:00 the video covers the transition from a singles driven market to the Long Playing album format helped by an album released of 13 original songs in 1963 by ____________
  • 2. 
    At 5:10 the video covers longer songs on albums and how ___________ becomes one of the first double albums released
  • 3. 
    At 5:55 the video covers  LSD in the 1966 San Francisco scene with the band _______________
  • 4. 
    At 7:25 the video covers how the band __________ "break on through" in the psychedelic scene
  • 5. 
    At 9:50 the video covers how Tom Donahue of ______ FM changes to playing album format radio 
  • 6. 
    At 11:10 the video covers the disc jockey ________ and his broadcasting off the coast of Britain
  • 7. 
    At 13:00 the video covers Geoff Emerick recording the first full concept album for the band _________
  • 8. 
    At 14:40 the video covers how ___________ turns the studio into an instrument
  • 9. 
    At 18:00 the video shows albums outselling ________ in 1967 for the first time in the US and UK 
  • 10. 
    At 18:45  the video covers how ____________ gets artistic control with his "Electric Ladyland" album
  • 11. 
    At 23:00 the video covers the birth of ____  
  • 12. 
    At 23:50 the video covers the rock opera Tommy album release by the band _________
  • 13. 
    At 28:30 the video covers 1970 Jazz Fusion  and how__________ reaches young people with the album Bitches Brew and how he copies Hendrix' style and album covers
  • 14. 
    At 32:50 the video covers how ______ the  label known for it's singles changes their tune with the album What's Goin' On
  • 15. 
    At 38:00 the video covers how rock mixes with English Folk and Glam as _________ re-invents the rock star with a new name
  • 16. 
    At 40:30 the video covers how for the album _______, singer songwriter Carol King and her producer spends two weeks on album sequencing and win 5 Grammys
  • 17. 
    At 45:15 the video covers how ____________ had 7 #1 consecutive  LPs in the US
  • 18. 
    At 45:40 the video covers Prog Rock and the band _____ and their unique albums covers by artist Roger Dean
  • 19. 
    At 48:15 the video quotes Nile Rogers in saying how Parliament Funkadelic are "The R&B, Soul and Funk versions of _____________"
  • 20. 
    At 50:20 the video covers how "Dark Side of the Moon" sells 40M copies: spends ____ years in the top 200 with no name on cover and no press
  • 21. 
    At 54:40 the video covers _______ Records first release Tubular Bells in 1973 which had 1800 overdubs  and sold18M copies
  • 22. 
    At 58:50 the video covers how in 1974 "More money were spent by consumers on records then ______ or sports" and how large record labels become corporate entities
  • 23. 
    At 59:50 the video covers the  release of the album "Night at the Opera" by the band _______ and how it was the most expensive album ever made at the time
  • 24. 
    At 1:01:30 the video covers how the Oil embargo of ____  made Vinyl records 4x's the price for the labels to manufacture
  • 25. 
    At 1:02:10 the video covers how the "20 Golden Greats" series from the label _______ keeps them afloat with no new recording costs

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