What Dragon Would You Be?

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| By Emizeltender
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What Dragon Would You Be? - Quiz

Step-to-Step happening the order of you becoming a dragon. What would you do? How would you look? What type of dragon would you be? Find out by taking this quiz

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    You are walking out with your dog... In peace and silence... Suddenly, something enormous an hot hits you all over. You fall as you start bleeding from your nose. Your dog barks and makes you chest boil. What do you think it could be?

    • A.

      Powerful lightning that makes you the only one.

    • B.

      Somebody threw a big branch on you!

    • C.

      You tripped up.

  • 2. 

    You look around and eventually you hear your dog whine. In lightning speed you grab it in strong teeth, chew up till bleeds and swollow with mostly not chewing. How it tastes like to eat a dog to you?

    • A.

      Sweet, juicy, salty meat.

    • B.

      Awful, grass-like taste!

    • C.

      Roasted chicken!!

  • 3. 

    After eating something good for a dragon, your mind clears. You look around the place... What would be the thing you do?

    • A.

      Fly freely, with no worries and big sight.

    • B.

      Get rid of your enemies you hated as human.

    • C.

      A crossbow

    • D.

      A bow

    • E.

      A whip

    • F.

      A sword

    • G.

      A wand

    • H.

      A battleaxe

    • I.

      My fists

    • J.

      A dagger

  • 4. 

    Oh no! Some children from the park are telling others about you. In lightning speed! Police... Fire fighters... Hospital and Detectives are around you. What to do?!

    • A.

      Attack! Kill! Revenge! Destroy! Have no mercy!

    • B.

      Leap off to the air and fly as far as possible, away from them.

    • C.

      Make cute puppy eyes, start crying and sad face. No moves and hide your spiky tail under your wings.

  • 5. 

    But no. Somewhat everyone been too afraid to do anything to you before you did any step. You grin. But suddenly cry! A big net falls over you, melying your mind. Eventually, something pokes your neck, you feel weakend, useless, until you faint. You wake up and you saw yourself in a cage with no escape!! What to do?!

    • A.

      Sit in the corner, squeeze tight and think of escaping.

    • B.

      Stackle my powerful wings between bars and push until they crack.

    • C.

      Try pushing off some bricks.

  • 6. 

    You finally jacked your way out of the jail. Chains over you and your wings ripped! You can't fly no more! What will you do now?!

    • A.

      Get needle... A thread... Pull down my wings and repair them, the best as i can.

    • B.

      Ignore it. And become a treat thief........ O_O

  • 7. 

    No more wings... No more flight... You found your way back home. You pack up and set off for a great sprint across the world. Away from UK. What would be the first place you would come up to?

    • A.

      Land of peace, japaneese garden which only you ever visited.

    • B.

      Tripped up a big hole. No way out. Wings ripped. Starving and nothing to do.

  • 8. 

    You suddenly reach to the seaside.  You can't fly, your wings ripped, you can't swim, you never knew how. What would you do?

    • A.

      Try using dragon sight like Eragon's dragon and see if there is any land around. HeHe.

    • B.

      Stealing a boat will be okay?

    • C.

      Find other way round.

  • 9. 

    You jacked your way across the sea. You found world very different to the one you ever been in. It came to midnight. You hide in a cave, covered yourself with sand and relax. You close your eyes and think about being a king/queen of fantasy. You smile and squeeze your teeth. Do you think your plans will affect your way?

    • A.

      No... Ripped wings.... Golly gosh!

    • B.

      Yeah! Mistress of fear. The king of fantasy. Wings may get itself repaired, but I, will be the best!

    • C.

      Dude... Uhh Yeah.. Maybe... I know! I will be the clearer of devils bedroom!

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